Perks need a boost/tweaks

Generally speaking I know right now some perks aren’t being utilized well such as Salvage. But others feel really soft in boosting quality of game mechanics. Most % lvl are about 10% @ lvl 1. Those don’t feel worth the jump. I say 15-20%
Lvl 2 35-40%.

Running speed feels great and personally I only use lvl1 for all my saves. Watching my toon on my wife’s tv I look like the road runner @ lvl 1. But the stamina regen I feel need a touch more.
• Stamina Lvl 1-2 25-50%. To match regen amount.

Visibility,noise and covert move speeds feel weak at lvl 2. Please add 5-10% more each lvl.

I’ve got 10% more health amount but it doesn’t look like it’s added anymore health.

Healer I feel needs a little larger area bubble to heal friends. I almost have to be hugging. And being so close healing others during battle it gets a aggravating and confusing when a player moves a little. It be nice to see the player highlighted while holding a med pack towards them with some distance.

I hope you guys develop a fun lock mechanism that’s not crazy complicated but simple and fast enough to run from a hunter.

Remote hacking I feel needs some tweaking. I’ve yet hacked a tank, harvester and hunter. It’s works almost too well with the runners.

Armor damage/ components damage feels weak.

Armor feels almost not worth it… but I’m a realist, optimistic and I know ever little bit counts but it seems very weak as a booster.

All the boosters could stay if the clothing stats came back and had more variety of clothing and accessories with stats boosters.

Edit add: what about adding some features to perks especially towards emp. Not just add more radius but add more down time with the emp
I’ve yet to try most of support yet. And that’s as far as I see I feel need to be adjusted

In my opinion ‘perks’ need a complete overhall and not so time consuming to get one. I’m not saying they should be too easy but a perk everytime or rather when you level up is not very inviting.

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