Personal Opinion


First things first, English is not my native language so pls no hate thx C:

I really like the setting and the whole scenario that you come back from your holidays with your friends (or alone if you play singleplayer). You can choose your gender and change some other minor things about your character and i guess you have quite the customization options later on in the game, if you find the clothes and gagdets that you wanna wear.

I also like the enemies and that they deal lots of damage, i enjoy having a hard fight, makes sense, after all almost all of sweden is gone to hell because of robot alien thingies.

I only played like an hour and i wish i could love this game because in the trailer it looks like a great coop experience for you and your friends…but the game has too many flaws in its current state (i know that its a closed beta).

So i decided that i will point out the things that make me uncomfortable while playing it, the things that i would change or add or remove.

  1. Opening Doors shouldnt require you to hold the “E” button, instead you should press the “E” button once and the door should open. You dont wait a second in front of a door if you go through them in real life and in the game it just slows you down and it feels weird.

  2. In the Loot Window my mouse cursor almost everytime disappeared and i had to wave my mouse around to get it back from the offscreen. Please fix that fast its really annoying.

  3. While Sprinting my mouse sensitivity is REALLY high, like really really high. I usually play with a low sensitivity because its easier to aim like that so i almost threw up after playing for an hour with low sens on looking and aiming but if i run my screen just turns around 4 times.

  4. I found not too many Posters (i remember only 2 in fact) and im not sure if one of them has a typo in it. it says: “Harcore Overload - The ultimate Collection” but shouldnt it be “Har>d<core Overload - The ultimate Collection”? Is there a “d” missing?

  5. Hitboxes of the enviremont (like trees and cars) are gigantic, i took cover behind a tree and strafed left of it to try to hit some shots on one of the robots but i hit the tree everytime.

  6. Iron Sight feels laggy and is not very responsive. It takes some time to come up after pressing the RMB and i just doesnt feel good to use it. (Feels like a Half Life 1 Mod :X)

  7. Crouching is very unresponsive. I pressed the CTRL key multiple times and my character just stood there. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesnt or it takes to much time till the animation starts.

  8. Loot Pickup Sound starts playing after the item appears on the right side of the screen, not after you pickup an item off a bag or something. It feels delayed and breaks the immersion. It doesnt feel very rewarding to loot something.

  9. The Weapon Holding Sound is very quiet. I mean the sound effect when you change your weapon or when you take out your weapon. Its a satisfying sound effect but its just very quiet, id be glad if it would be louder.

  10. Screen Tearing says it all. Not sure if its the fault of my PC or of the code tho.

  11. Fullscreen, Windows Mode but no Borderless Window Mode? Why?

  12. Weirdest things of all: If I alt tab out of the game and i tab back in, I hear a strange Music and sound effects, sounds kinda like a trailer playing in the background. Not sure why that happens but it breaks all immersion.

  13. I think it would suit the game (since its an open world, SURVIVAL and ressource management game) to have a Thirst and Hunger Bar, aswell as a broken Limb feature or a “dont catch a cold in the cold weather or good luck finding medicine” feature.

I also find the pistol very unsatisfying, i think it would be better if you find less ammo but the weapons deal more damage, that way you have to watch out that you land your shots and your weapons would feel like weapons, not like a paperclip-thrower.

Just my personal opinion, no hate pls thx


Hey Jergan, I saw a couple things you mentioned that I could shed some light on, so here goes! :slight_smile:

I believe that is the game playing the pause menu music when you alt tab out which leads me to think that the game pauses when focus is lost.

This is something that has been requested by many people, however, Generation Zero is more of an Adventure game than it is a Survival game, so the likelihood of those sorts of systems being added are fairly low.


I second an option for borderless window! I play most all of my games this way and having a borderless window option would be ideal!