Petition to add option to turn aim assist/slowdown off on console


yes, the game has its bugs, flying trees and rocks, missions not triggering, etc, but all in all it a great game, but the one thing that kills me the most, is the effing auto-aim that prevents me to aim at enemies that are moving… please let us turn that horrible function off! please, :slight_smile:


Heck I do not even notice it…so much so that I did not even know it existed till this post. I have never had any issue with aiming at what I want to hit in this game.


Haven’t played after last update. But on PS4 I haven’t noticed. It before. If it’s there now I can’t say.


It’s very annoying. One instance, I was fighting a prototype tank in a field as runners swarmed me. I was picking the runners off first but the game’s aim assist prevented me from doing this easily, as the game decided the tank was suddenly more important, making it easy for the runners to swarm me and kill me. So please, add an option to turn sim assist off! Thanks :slight_smile: