Photo mode? Thank you!

Disappointed with the game in it’s current state. Broken quests, broken locations, missing quest items, missing relay beacons, floating items and more. These things should be fixed asap with the first update, not the third or forth. Yet we add photo mode. So what if the community asked for it? Community asks a lot but it’s not always relevant. Don’t get me wrong, i like it, i loved it in Mad Max but that shouldn’t be a priority. Performance wise the game ran way way better in it’s first state before the two major updates. Now i play the game with 30 fps and stutter every 10 seconds. Dropped the quality to high/medium i get the same results (witch is stupid in the first place when you own a 1080). Have 50 hours in the game yet i barely made it out of the first land area restarting the story 20 times because of the bugs. Waited 2 months for basic fixes, started a new game, same thing. Waited two more months for the next update, started a new game, same old bugs. Kinda lame that you need more than 1-2 months to fix common basic bugs like, quests, visuals and icons on the map, missing beacons, etc. I really don’t want this game to become dusty in my steam library. I’m not saying you ain’t gonna fix it, i’m saying i might get bored waiting or restarting the game every two three months. Much love and peace out.

Thanks for the feedback to the community. I can say that the photo mode technically was not a priority, there is one specific team member that had this task so it did not take any bandwidth away from the development team working on bugs and other fixes. That has been stated in some other posts around these forums! Thanks for your continued support to the game as we all hope it gets to a much better state sometime in the near future.