Photo Mode Thread


Moving photo mode creations into this thread, to separate them from my own. Feel free to post any future creations here!


I created a sweet pic on console that I wish I could post here basically it was the reaper at foa 4 with some cool affects making it look alive instead of deactivated (might see if i can find a way to the forums on x box)

My Photo Mode stuff

The lone warrior




This looks epic. great work.


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I just spent a very creepy 15 minutes wandering the snowy, foggy forests at night, with those eery sound effects and the grumblings of some Hunters not far away. Very atmospheric. I agree with Xezr that the look and sound and mood of this game is about the best I’ve ever come across and while the updates recently really don’t interest me that much I keep playing because the experience, even without combat (in fact specifically trying to avoid combat) is so immersive and fun.

The weather isn’t foggy very often but I always enjoy it when it is, night or day and I wish the fog weather cycle could be upped a bit.

My Photo Mode stuff

Thank you! It was the first opportunity like this in a few months for me!


Awesome @Xezr :smiley:


I took some sweet pics while hunting in the North Coast. I called them “The Gates of Hagaboda”



Hunter just wanted a Hug!


Is this thread going to be modified to include the action shots ref the competition?


I think future competitions will get their own threads. I just figured this one to be one big collection thread for community photo mode creations.


Those dam kids! Get off my property and stop breaking the fence while I’m gone!


Do you mean fuckers took my watchtower can’t have shit in Ostertron


Yeah here too, they took all the water. Only the surface is left. :thinking:


Dam kids, keep knicking everyones stuff!


Also WHO MADE THIS TV? WHOEVER MADE IT GIVE THAT PERSON A MEDAL, This thing works after being smashed AND set on fire :hushed:


Looking forward to getting the family over this afternoon to show off my new Apocalypse extension.

I’m a big fan of sustainability and up-cycling, and makes a great addition to any home.