Pick Just One Bug/Glitch


Hello All,
Now I am hoping this stays civil & is in NO way intended as a condemnation of the Development team or this (in my opinion) great game. Just sort of want to have a little fun with something we all talk about here.

I am on Xbox but regardless of your platform I want to hear from everyone:
What ONE bug/glitch in the game you personally find the most annoying?
(Would be cool if the development team would post theirs as well)

For me it may be a OCD thing it is not being able to complete certain locations (No weapon, no relay beacon…etc) I just hate having more location than completions. It really “bugs” me…lol. Anyway come on everyone what bug bugs you…


Right now its the current weird post-September update AI change. It really affects the game badly and needs to be fixed urgently.


I don’t want to talk about a specific bug, but about the fact that my “worst bug” has changed every few months as stuff got fixed. My current worst bug is infinitely less annoying than what we had at the start. :slight_smile: Good thing.

ETA Unless we’re counting the fact that mission progress is shared between characters. Sure, we could quibble about whether it’s a bug or a misfeature, but it was fail in the beginning, and it’s still fail now.


LOL…I can see that happening…I play another game where I have that change take place every few months…


I don’t think it is uncivil at all to be annoyed about bugs. Especially when we speak so civil about it :slightly_smiling_face: I was slightly annoyed about not being able to finish some missions some time ago. But that got fixed. I’m a bit annoyed about things floating in the air, bushes growing through floors and walls, doors opening into book shelfs or other doors, lights that can’t be turned off, etc. I’m annoyed about all the challenges that don’t register in my gamer score (e.g. “Take out 10 hunter with a rifle” … yes, I did that 150 times!). I’m annoyed that I can’t break into Kunsam and steal some chocolate bars. I’m annoyed that there is no sign of life at all (except for the stupid birds). I’m annoyed that I can’t row a boat to the nearby islands. I’m really annoyed that I haven’t found a message in a bottle yet despite the fact that I’ve done most of the coastline. And I’m so annoyed that I’ve run out of things to do. Please deliver the next chapter soon!!!


Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but I’d really like to rebind Hold Breath to something other than spacebar, so I can use ADS (aim down sights) with spacebar instead. There’s currently no way of doing so…


Oh yes, I’m also annoyed about the recent “blurryness” of the image … it’s like i need stronger contact lenses!!!


And I’m annoyed that the title of this thread suggested, that I should pick just one bug/glitch :wink:


Burst fire is supposed to be on the AG-5, NOT the AI-76!

Pretty please with a cherry on top, fix this! It may sound like I’m nitpicking considering all the other bugs, but I am actually unreasonably annoyed by this mistake :frowning:


This hasn’t happened yet on my latest playthrough attempt so I’m not sure if it’s still an issue but the most problematic bug for me has been missions randomly disappearing and not being able to be restarted.


The fact that I can’t complete the game


You can hold breath? I never knew!


My main bug is that you throw a grenade and the starting animation is correct. You see the grenade leave your hand and travel the first ten metres. After that it vanishes in thin-air and you know you’ve got it coming - it goes off in your hand and you lose 80% of your health. Drives me wild - I like grenades, but they kill me as often as the enemy.

Item two is that i want to bind the bikes to the same controls as my running. I’m left-handed and work on the right hand side of the keyboard. Except for the poxy bikes!


I filed a bug for that when the bikes came out. No fixes as of yet, as you know. Didn’t know they were made of epoxy though.


Aye anybody remember the old nerf the :boom: explosive’s by accident 2 months from launch trick :rofl: , it was more funny than annoying seeing as at the time a bunch of us on the forum where using them explosive canister’s for science while waiting on story fix’s , good job they were unnerfed eh :+1:


Well I ride them at full speed into trees, buildings, posts, bunkers, rocks, telegraph poles and machines and after the dust has settled, they are fine, so I reckon they must be…