Picking up items Bugged

Platform: PC

Description: Sometimes when i pick up stuff from containers nothing happens, the items disappear but nothing goes to my inventory

I was looting a big city for textiles in backpacks, I should have 20 - 30, at the end I had 8…

Another time I had to pick up a quest item from a FNIX hatch and again nothing happened, essentially blocking me from completing the quest at that time.

For me is starting to become really difficult to craft equipment and medkits, specially after the crafting nerfs.

Steps To Reproduce: just loot random stuff, sometimes, the item pop up on the screen won’t come up.

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Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: None

Specifications: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 16 GB RAM.

I have this Bug too. It seems if you pick up clothes you already had, the whole Loot is skipped instead only the clothes.
To work around this Bug, you can take the items, one by one, except the clothes. Then Close the Lootcontainer. The Items should now be in your Inventory.
Then you can reopen the Container and try to get the clothes.

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Still wondering why some are affected and some not, why the magnus is a problem for all and other weapons not…

Seems that the “bad luck protection”, they included in the last update, does the opposite. :rofl:


You might be right! I didn’t pay attention but I do remember that many of them had clothes and my problem usually is with items (textile, flares, fireworks etc.) from containers that usually spawn clothing items.

Thanks! I will test it out but I’m pretty certain that you nailed my bug.

Yeah i just have hundreds of magnun because i don’t use it lol, but it is rare to drop it.
You cannot suffer bad luck if the bad luck IS the norm right?

Hello. The bug is real and bad, I killed a reaper tank and got an experimental pistol and some good loot, it killed itself but the look was the best out of the 3 I killed so far. I picked it up and It never went in my inventory, I even closed the game and went back in and it will not there. I love the game and I’m not even mad just a little sad that I wasted all my ammo for nothing and my time. Please fix the game.

Thank you


which system do you play on?

For xbox and PC there recently was an update to fix that.

Where there any apparel (you maybe already had) in the loot, too?

if u have a clothing item, it won’t show up on the right with other items when picking up, because you have already picked it up before, unlike the flashlights

Yes, but I was refering to the reason for the original reaper loot bug.
If there was an apparel you already had, picking up all items caused getting nothing. Often happened with reapers because they almost every time have an experimental apparel in the loot.

Its not flawless but i’ve noticed if i pick each item out one at a time the bug happens less, if i loot all everything vanishes.

Its not consistent but it helps me.

PlayStation 4 (Played on PlayStation 5)

I killed the Reaper Tank twice and it didn’t gave me the Loot in my Inventory after picking it up. I tried it with 2 different Charakters on the same Savefile. Later i checked the storageboxes too but there also wasn’t the loot. I made a YouTube-Video. Link is below.

Steps To Reproduce:
Kill a Reaper Tank, Loot it, get dissapointed

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Host / Singleplayer

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Systemsoftware PS5:

Generation Zero Game / Version:
PlayStation 4 / 1.36


I believe the reaper bug hasn’t been fixed on PS yet.

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At least we didn’t get a hotfix for that, like Steam and XBox got.

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