Picking up items - knowing if there is enough space for it

How about adding a small icon which tells me, whether I have enough space for picking up the item or not. Of course, it has to be updated on the fly, when I click on an item to pick it up. This way, I dont have to see this annoying window, telling me my inventory is full and stealing my time to close.

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first they have to fix the current inventory issues (namely that when you pick something (ammo/consumables) up, it always goes to your inventory, instead of attempting to fill a stack of that item in your hotbar / inside your guns)

after that, this should be a nifty QOL feature

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Good idea, but does it really need two threads?

In my opinion yes, because to different systems. The one refers to usability of ammo in (available) weapons, the other to empty space un inventory. They can be implemented together or seperately.