Pillbox bug, ammo locked inside

Since the new update, all of my pillbox are bugged and all the stuff inside is stuck, plus i cant put anything or grab anything from it. Which means too that my storage box is always full cause i can t put sutf in my pillbox.

Anything to do about it ?

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We have to wait for a hotfix for that. A new update.
One interesting thing:

It says “total healing points”.

Seems like the mapping of labels, Icons and values is screwed up for these “sub-inventories”.

Maybe it’s caused by those changes around our general inventory screen.

sounds fun to wait i dunno how many times for this …

I have to report the same issue.

and have you find anything to provide to this bug ? or counter it ? my main storage is at 3000 weight rn i locked and can t keep anything

Now I also got this on all sorts of Pillboxes…

Doing any daily mission with any inclusion of the Resistance base ends with several destroyd Pillboxes when you can’t fill them with better ammo.

My Pillboxes are not Bugged in the same way but you can put ammo in them. They will not use the ammo but you can put it in.

I often/actively use the medical trailers and manned defensive structures in bases for holding excess ammo and medkits to save on Plundra space, and I can confirm that the Skyfire UI update didn’t break these inventories, this only happened after the hotfix patch.

What are you all smoking those take ammo? I never worried about the ammo i use the rocket launchers on mine it has the infinity symbol so I just figured the ammo is unlimited and didnt have to worry about it.

You can put ammo inside of them to increase the damage output… For example with experimental ammo or emp-rockets.