Pilot Mask alternative to Gas Mask


I had a small conversation on Discord, about the Pilot Mask not serving as a Gas Mask alternative.
While it SURELY can (evidence in real modern world applications for Oxy Tanks: https://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/pirep/pilots-guide-portable-oxygen-systems/ ), it could even come with a rebreather system (proof of modern systems: https://www.megccr.com/rebreather-products/pathfinder-rebreather/ ).

While surely, the Rebreather WEIGHS quite a bit, it CAN be used.
And IF used, the weight should be subtracted from the overall carry weight.
Some, like me, would surely opt for this system, seeing I run into heaps of Hunters, Tanks and Harveys, for some reason.

This aside: Oxy Tanks, as per the site pointed to, come in a variety of size.
One could choose the size best suited for him/her, and as with the Rebreather system, it s weight should be taken from the overall carry weight.

Considering, we can drag gas and air tanks around, I’m surely quite confident, a much smaller oxy tank would be not much of an issue.

It also would bring in a craftable part for the Rebreather (PROVIDING you have the BP’s AND the right materials: the FILTER SYSTEMS.
The Filter Systems could be found in military places, preferably the Airport.

As for the Oxy Tanks, these could be found in military places (for crying out loud, don’t put them in for instance BATHROOMS, KITCHENS and similar, like you do with LANDMINES and GRANADES!!! O_O)
Considering the Pilot Mask is a military one, the Oxy tanks should be Military as well.

About AMMO BOXES in TOILETS, BATHROOMS and other insane places, please remove these.
No one in the right mindset would ever take a shower right next to explosives.



To me any special bit of clothing or kit should come with some form of bonus feature. Even if the pilot kit was twice as good as an ordinary gas mask that would make it worth getting. I mean why would I bother getting the hazmat suit items? I can see nothing in it for my character.


True, sir.
Oddly, most items show to have a bonus, but these are not implemented for so odd reason.

Would be sweet, if this got fixed, finally.

More even: why do civilian clothes get bonuses… and military does not?
Should be the way around, from a logical point of view!!!