Ping / Mark Targets and Locations Using Binoculars

Enable the ability to Ping/mark Locations and enemy’s Using Binoculars.
This Ping would be Visible on the Compass on Your Teams HUD, as a Marker in the Real world and on the Map.
2 Sorts of Ping Options. Enemy here and Lets go here
i would also recommend Making Binoculars the same as a Flashlight. as in they do not take up an inventory slot.

This would aid in Immersion and give the Binoculars a reason to Exist after you have obtained a Scope for your weapons.

Add the Already used Set marker Feature used in the Map interface.

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Why do markers when you could do it like Far Cry? They’re slightly transparent, so it’s not as intrusive as a bunch of markers everywhere. Besides, I think knowing where the robots are at all times removes the feel of the game. The uncertainty, the unpredictability, not knowing if it’s time to plant that gas can or when to get ready to shoot it.

i think having the Option to mark enemy’s on your map/compass would be great. its up to the designer/developer how they implement the pings if they ever did.
with regards to knowing where robots are at all times that was not what i intended with the post.
simply a way to let your team mates know what you you are looking at. it would make planning an attack more interactive.

Hm. Well, it it’s optional, I have no objections.

I like your idea for sure but not sure how well that would work when you can have attachments on your binoculars. IE i have the thermal add on attached to the binos as it spots machines super easy. I definitely don’t think giving up attachments on binos is a good idea. I would recommend that 2 more slots be added below your 4,5,6,7 slots. Binos and flashlight. that way we can still use attachments. :slight_smile: Cheers, and great idea my friend!

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