Placeable Weapons?

I was thinking weapons that could be placed down, for instance a machine gun or a Bipod/Tripod to steady the aim of weapons. You could also have placeable explosive weapons such as a Grenade Launcher. Either it could have a limited amount of ammo in which it would run out after a couple of shots or you would have to refill it.


I feel like that could be OP with the current machines available? Would need heavy tweaking, but a neat idea in of itself :slight_smile:

I agree with @SR_Carni, @AI_Destroyer

That would be incredibly useful. :wink:

It would definitely be cool to include something like that. It would definitely ad to the co-op aspect of the game. The swedish armed forces actually had a lot of weapons of that type during the cold war.


AA (RBS70)

Anti-ship (RB17)

My only worry is that it’d be quite complicated. How many players would actually use these weapons?

I agree the bi-pod would be a great weapon attachment for stability. But these missile launcher systems are not portable. Assuming your inventory space is a backpack, just one of these would use all of your inventory slots. Plus they are very HEAVY.

Perhaps one could come across a weapon emplacement where a battle had taken place, and use that? It could have limited ammo, like say, one box and belt for a machinegun or one missile for a TOW launcher.

If they were to be implemented in the game, they would have to be carried by two players. Which is why I stated that I question if players would hassle with them.

Pipods on regular weapons implies that the game would have a prone mode, which the devs have confirmed wouldn’t be in the game.

In GZ if I can fit a shotgun,SMG,Rifle,PvG,And a Bazooka in my backpack with no weight problems and space issues. Then i’m pretty sure I can fit a two-man weapon in my backpack.

I would like to have a few fixed guns in certain military bases. The Bofors 40mm gun would fit the story line. A heavy gun that can be used for attacking harvesters and tanks that are lured infront of it.

If the developers would like to introduce foreign weapons in the game I have a suggestion. In order to keep the immersion the best way is to down a foreign aircraft or maybe a ship.

Possible scenarios are:

  • A danish navy boat could been destroyed by the naval guns and crashed on the shore line.
  • A Sovjet recognizance plane could have been shoot down and crashed.

Instead of placeable weapons, why not a trainer that kills them instantly?
I mean, if you like power… :S