Placeholder Icon?

During the mission “Secret Cargo” there is a dead body with an assault rifle on it. Picking this gun up will add the gun, it’s ammo, and some mysterious item that seems to do nothing in your inventory. The icon itself is a target symbol. Highlighting it on the ground will display a simple health kit, while highlighting it in my inventory displays a rocketlauncher. Picking it up will state a blank name on the top of the screen and it takes up 1 inventory space but yet you can NOT attach it to any weapons or anything. The only option you can do is drop it and pick it up. Screenshot attached. Can any dev clarify what this thing is please?? I don’t know if its a placeholder or if its a bug or what but i don’t think its supposed to be a thing in game.

Hm, that’s really weird! I’d say it’s a bug and get rid of this thing before it causes a major glitchfest :smiley:

On another note, i see your inventory is pretty crammed with guns.
You can create a new character and use him as a stash. Just drop the stuff you don’t need at a safe house and pick it up with your second character. It’s off topic but I thought this might help you.

@stoeckli I know i have way too many guns lol but believe it or not i use every single one of them lol the crappy guns are there incase i run ammo in my better guns so they are an emergency last resort incase i need them. So you have a good idea but it be annoying to keep switching back and forth whenever i need them especially since in my game everything (enemies, loot, lootboxes) all respawn each and every time i reload my game lol

Oh ok sounds reasonable. I just thought i’d let you know, maybe it’ll come in handy someday because your inventory will get crammed even more down the road :wink:

I know lol i already have attachments in my inventory for 3 guns i have not even seen or run into yet lol i am prepared to sacrifice some adrenaline shots if i need to i have like 60 of them :joy: