Platin Trophäe not possible on ps4

I have a question i want to make the sniper trophy on ps4 you have to destroy an opponent who is over 300 meters away but for me the opponents disappear at about 240 meters so how is that supposed to work can anyone help thanks


this is an english speaking forum.
You should use english if you wish to get helped.
(At least use a translator)

The max render distance currently really is lower than it was before. For one ingame challenge it was once needed to destroy a machine in more than 400m distance, which I personally did with a shot over 413m .

The reduced render distance actually is an action by the devs to improve the performance for all systems and therefore to reduce crashes of the game.

There will be further improvements in the next updates and also changes at the mentioned challenges, if needed.

Regarding this trophy, I don’t know if the devs have thought about it, yet.

@SR_Carni is it possible for you to adjust this trophy, if necessary, because of impossibility?

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yes, we’re already looking into how we can fix it, as well as the eagle eye challenge


Hi SR_Carni although the platinum is now obtainable, the last Eagle Eye challenge is still unobtainable for PS5 players at least. Any chance the 60fps update will include something in this regard?

I believe it was during one of the Last dev-streams, there he told that they will do something that it will be possible again.
He didn’t tell when, but I’d bet we will see in the next major update, not in the PS5 60fps patch, as this is just for playstation, but the issue is on all systems.