Player gets stuck inside a tent

Platform: PC

Description: Player completely may get stuck inside a tent when moving in a sitting position. It won’t be possible to lay down or move to any direction. The only way of getting free is a fast travel to a safe house.

Steps To Reproduce: Go to a tent at (-3879, 2295) point. Sit down, enter inside and move to position shown on the screenshot until getting stuck.

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Host or Client: Single Player

Players in your game: Single Player

Specifications: i9-9900K, 32 GB RAM, MB Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super (nVidia Driver 551.23), Windows 10 Pro 1909, Game resolution: 2560x1440

If you got stuck, you can also use a field radio.
Place it at a free position and fast travel there.

More ways to become unstuck:

  • Explosions. Drop a gas canister and shoot at it or use a handgrenade. Be sure to have an adrenaline shot for the case you die.
  • experimental 12g shotgun with experimental healing ammo. Shooting with it on the ground below you also causes a ragdoll effect.
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Breviken Camping? One of the tents there is a sticky one… You can get stuck there the same way in co-op.

In any case, co-op or solo doesn’t matter when it comes to the possibility of getting stuck as far as I’ve seen. Having a buddy with you does however improve your chances of getting unstuck, as they can sometimes push you so you don’t have to waste a radio or blow yourself up, etc.

If playing in co-op with somebody who just so happens to have some snow balls left over from the winter event, the snow balls can be useful for getting players unstuck.

To avoid further incidents of getting stuck in tents, I suggest always going prone to crawl in and out of the tent. While inside the tent, in a ‘donut’ around the middle, it should be safe to rise up into the ‘crouched’ position, to search the tent interior and loot anything found inside.

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