Player Movement. PS4 (Prone)

Hello everyone, I want to share with you my discovery in the game. I’ve been playing GZ on ps4 for about a year and a half and only two weeks ago I found out that you can lie down on the ground! Here I am stupid))))))


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Hi. That’s one thing I just tried at the beginning.
And: try crouching through grass and plants and see, how it moves while you pass it. And if you look behind you, you can see how you flattened the grass. Looks really nice.

If you’re aiming while on the ground, you are more precise, too.

The only thing I don’t like: If you’re on your knees and then want to lie down, your character will first stand up and then lie down, so if you’re hiding it is possible, that you will be seen in this short moment.

Maybe on PC it works better, but I don’t know.


Hmm…That is not how it works with me (PC). I have a button binded to crouch (thumb mouse) and a button binded to prone (Z). I can directly go from standing to prone. And when I’m crouched I can also directly go to prone.

I am using this all the time since I play stealthy, and avoid being seen.


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And yes, prone is awesome. Gives a whole new meaning to stealth.


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Actually, thats exactly how it works for me, on PC. :slight_smile:

The culprit here is the controller binding, we cannot remap controller buttons and the crouch/prone function is short/long-click on same button.

The solution to this problem is that if crouching and the crouch button gets pressed, nothing should happen untill A; the button gets released (stand up) or B; button is detected as longpress (lay down).


Ah, I see. Well I never use a controller. Can’t seem to can the hang of it. I Bought the Steam Controller when it came out to give it a try. But we didn’t became friends, so it was back to Keyboard and Mouse for me. :grin:

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I will definitely look at the grass when I crawl, thanks for the hint. I like how the world is drawn in GZ, it’s very beautiful in it, even when nothing happens, you just go to the specified place and enjoy the surroundings! :star_struck: