Player Stats (For curiosity porposes)


What are your Stats guys ?
Deaths and Kill count ? :open_mouth:


My kill count is in the thousands, but my deaths are around 500, mostly because of suicide to regain my health.

However over a hundred tanks (all classes) have been killed by me :slight_smile:


Wow! That´s a lot of tanks!
It`s my second week playing the game so my stats are 70 Deaths, 2000 machines killed, mostly runners and hunters, not many tanks and harvesters yet :sweat_smile:


At this point in the game it only takes me about five to eight minutes to take down a tank depending on the class, usually via component damage. I’ve killed more tanks than seekers, which is funny to me. :smiley:


I’ve been playing the game for a good three months now, and before I could finish the story I decided to kill tanks to try and get better weapons because I had nothing better to do and the missions were bugged.


I`ve also been exploring actually and leveled 2 characters to serve as ammo storage :sweat_smile:
From what i can see, there is space to improvement , the game is hard but fun, huge world, i hope they keep doing updates :wink:


Machines killed: 1306
Death: 120 (mostly from tanks)

Tanks are the most annoying machine and I get frustrated because I kept running out of ammo.

What’s the easiest way to kill tanks and harvesters?


Get the Experimental PGV90, it annihilates Harvesters and Tanks. The Experimental AG4 Incendiary is also good at taking down Harvesters I’ve noticed.

Regarding my stats, I’ve reset my progress for every major update since launch, but with the Rivals update I’m keeping it, don’t want to collect all them clothes again. Here’s some stats:



Deaths: 233
Total machines destroyed: 1268
Relay Beacons disabled: 19


As for tanks - lots of tips in this thread:

Stock up on ammo and medkits (farm bunkers and military facilities), take out their weapons and stay out of harms way. Yeah it sounds easy, not always so…


My stats as of today. Started playing on nov 1 last year.