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Giving free dlc is Not Bad for Business, in fact its the opposite , it shows that devs respect the players and understand what gaming is all about. For example look at Ghost of Tsushima, that game was released in perfect condition, almost everyone loved the game and thanked sucker Punch for a Masterpiece, and what did SP do in return? they did not just say thanks they simply announced a Whole new DLC ( 2-player story/4player survival mod/ and a Raid) FOR FREE, they could have charged us but they did not simply becasue its their way to thank the players for support.

Now making DLC paid when the base game its self is a mess clearly shows that devs priorities content over fixes ( even if they spent a whole year on fixes and still it have alot of issues ) look at Anthem/Fallout 76 those games came from AAA devs who care about money, they release paid dlc one after the other without adding the most baisc elements that any game should have.

All am saying is that Systemic Reaction should not walk in the footsteps of these AAA devs especially Systemic Reaction is still a small studio ( dont shoot your self in the leg while you are still young) build a goodwill with your player base.

They did.
You got bikes, plundra, LMG, …
All those were PLAYER requests, sir.

I don’t think gifting the DLC to ps4 users would be the right way to go after you’ve had PC and xbox users pay for it. Like many others, you fail to consider the fact that money IS a great factor and many decisions (whether or not there will be paid DLC, when it should be ready, how expensive it will be) are not made by the people who program the game, make the sounds or animate the weapons. They’re made by people who have no idea about the problems that could be there, and they don’t care. They care about seeing a certain amount of revenue at a certain point in time.
Prioritizing between meeting those deadlines and simultaneously living up to the players’ expectations and bringing them new content they want AND delivering a finished and polished product is INCREDIBLY hard and as a dev, you can NEVER satisfy everyone.
Don’t accuse the devs of not caring about you just because they did something you consider bad, try to see the bigger picture


I get it, and Anthem and Fallout 76 are the worst possible examples :sweat_smile: .
I´m just saying that in their case is bad for business because they don´t have the financial support other games have.
No man`s sky is a small team, but they Have Sony backing them up, because No man´s sky was supposed to be a big deal, and after it was fixed it actually is Amazing ( I even got it :wink: ).
Anthem has EA for financial support, and Fallout 76 Bethesda, they can loose money by investing in the game.
Now about GZ they need the money from the DLC to keep investing in the game, that is the only reason I say it´s bad for business.
By Mid December if things worked out and if there are no more mistakes, they should have from all the 3 platforms the necessary funding to keep this going on.
In the end there is risk in giving free DLC and there is Risk in not giving it freely.


Sir, in truth, no one ever actually said this.
It was a possibility.
The OP agreed, it could be something entirely different: a battle suit, a weapon, a set of both, …
Merely saying, good sir.


And again: Amen!

Never said I didnt want #foa2
Thing is all systems are getting bad updates from devs. We dont tell them “Hey I want new concent right now”
We say what we woould like and they shove it out broken.
So yes we have and they should expect the anger. Not our fault, theres.
So take extra month to get it right, but make sure its right.
Companies have been making video games long enough to not have as many issues that they have. Its them making it to fast and there making mistakes.
If in my job I did something like that I would be fired in a minute.
Since I cant fire them, what I can do is not give them my $$ for broken product. Which is exactly what I will do…

This is the issue, not one update yet have been delivered without new bugs/crashes or worked as intended.
They seem to rush things out and it’s pretty frustrating because the core of the game is amazing, although it has lost a little bit of it’s originally unique soul at release imo.

I’m sitting on the fence regarding using more money on this game. They have to deliver a pretty flawless update and FR on PS4 (which is not likely) for me to invest more money into this game.
Yes the DLC is cheap and it’s not that I don’t want it…it’s more of a principle to me.

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Might not be theirs, might as well be the engine…
Try to see it like this: Most of GZ works wonderfully well for PC.
The new, redone mainland is darn impressive.
If they can do that…
Then the minor bugs (for PC note) make absolutely no sense.
Some have been around since GZ’s birth, so to speak.
I’ll leave this in the middle, though.

I am not speaking for Console, but I expect this as well to be rather engine related than anything else.

This I’ve been advocating since ever.
And yet, only a handful (in comparison to all existing games) actually do this.
I’ve seen games dying due to this in very early stage.
Having issues, but releasing DLC nonetheless… resulting in much heavier bugs that turned some literally unplayable.
Truly sad…

Some things work badly, I think of the bicycles for one.
But just what causes these issues, and why are they not yet addressed?
I’m sure they tried.
So, what causes this…?

I can get behind this, still…
As PC player, I am not allowed to speak, as we have a decent, stable game.
And this cannot be compared to the XBOX, and I will not even address PS4 here, with the issues.
However, I think, were I in that situation, I would actually get it…
But that’s me…

Only the devs know I think :wink:

Thanks for your recommendation, I’ll take that into consideration going forward.

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My good sir, it was not a recommendation.
It is what I would do.

This game is gruesomely badass, in so many a way.
While yes, FR is a wee small, and on mainland, the story and the mission are just magnificent.
Then there’s the story continuation to think about.

Sir, even with all the bugs (Sadly only PC had the joys, seems) I’ve enjoyed the game so much, it is about to fall apart due to wear.
I can’t count the hours I played it.

But, that is me, my good sir… :slight_smile:
I suggest to write all ups and downs on a page of paper, objectively, and see if this game is worth to continue or not, for you… :wink:

May the FNIX be with you, sir.

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That applies to me too :wink:
It all comes down to the continous new bugs to every new release, the game is almost two years old now, I want a flawless release for once. The core game itself I really enjoy and I will always play this game in between other games regardless…will see about the DLC :wink:

May the FNIX be with you too !

I fully understand, that’s a big issue…
And I cannot disagree, no matter how much I want to.
When you are right, you are right, end of story.

And they (player base) all think this.
Rightfully so…

On PC we have had bugs too.
Not that bad, but some were darn annoying as well.
These can’t be compared even.
So, MAYBE I am unfair, I do not know.
April’s patch?
If only I had experienced it.
Ah well, annoying, sure, immersion breaking (and this is what I hate most), HELL yes.
But that is me.
And this would depend on the amount and severity of crashes.

Still, the game is to me THAT great, I just swallow it, and buy the next pack when I finally get the money.
For FR, this was a few weeks, to get 8 Euro together.
A cripple with a wife and 4 daughters… GOD they are expensive… XD
My son is more like me, we’re content with what we have.
But the women… oi oi oi oi… XD

I hope you make the right decision FOR YOU, sir.
Ignore what others say, and think for yourself.

It’s like weapons in GZ: “Hey, can anyone tell me what is better: A5, Ak or A4?”
I always tell them, it is a matter of taste, test them all and see which one YOU prefer…
I’ve seen folks say the best is one of them, but it’s almost going up for all of them equally.
If one considers over time, they seem equally good, depending on use and so.

Same here.
See what’s best for YOU, and act on this, my friend. :wink:

Use the FNIX, Bella, Use the FNIX

Well spoken and broken down. I don’t have the eloquence to do something like that but thank you for doing it for me. :+1:t4:

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I think that PS4 users deserve lower DLC price than on Xbox console/Steam because of such a long waiting.

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While sure, it will give you a lower price, it will give Avalanche a lower income.
Bad idea, they live of our money, sir.

You HAVE been compensated…
A free patch, today… :stuck_out_tongue:

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