Player's inventory may hide some items and total weight is incorrect when the player opens a container

Platform: PC

Description: Player’s inventory may hide some items and total weight is incorrect when the player opens a container: a box or a backpack or anything you can loot (it doesn’t work with a storage station)

Steps To Reproduce: Not completely clear yet. Attaching a video recording and save files.

Images / Videos:

** Saving files: Saves (2).zip - Google Drive**

Host or Client: Single Player

Players in your game: Single Player

Specifications: i9-9900K, 32 GB RAM, MB Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super (nVidia Driver 551.23), Windows 10 Pro 1909, Game resolution: 2560x1440

As far as I can see, there’s nothing wrong with the weight.
If you just had these two guns and the two silencers, their total weight is 2kg each for the weapons and 0.250kg each for the silencers. 4.500kg in total, while the “.” isn’t a seperator for thousand, but a decimal separator.

What’s wrong is that one silencer is missing when opening the backpack (lootbox). The weight on the other hand is shown correctly for this case.
4.500kg - a silencer (0.250) = 4.250kg.

Incorrection I mean is that the weights don’t coincide in those two cases.
But yes - it seems that the weight is secondary and it’s correct for each separate case as it corresponds to displayed items.
The primary bug is that the second item is not displayed when open a lootbox inventory.

i think because of this glitch :blush: I think the flak-moped with the Plundra connected to it should be free for players, to help with this over-weight thing, & the Plundra right there, I had to buy my Flak-moped, but I drive everywhere with it, just in case im hit the weight glitching bug, and can’t fast-travel & 2 far to walk, the flak-moped would help with this

It would be better to fine-tune the game and propose DLC’s for additional cost :blush:

BTW, in my opinion, the total inventory weight (when you open a lootbox) should include weights of everything you have in the inventory (including the companion robot which isn’t displayed in the inventory when open a lootbox). Because when I was taking things from a box I often looked at the current weight of my inventory to estimate how much I could take before I reach the maximum. (It was before I noticed the bug. Now I close the box inventory and open my inventory separately to check the true total weight).
I think the most of players expect to see the full weight but not the summary of visible items.

I tried writing the difference down in the weight numbers on paper , :dizzy_face: , from taking items from machines, the plundra & recycling station, but numbers for me has no pattern to follow :weary: I write the 3 numbers down then I add item, numbers randomnizes like some bingo machine spitting out numbers that makes no sense & no pattern i can follow

from 80 to 12 once, :dizzy_face: that breaks any logic In any pattern I was trying to figure out

The weight difference is explained simply: the weight includes only displayed items.
In the same time, there are items which are displayed in your inventory when you open it directly but are not displayed in the inventory when you open for example a box with a loot.
Make an experiment: take everything away from you inventory and put only a companion robot. It weights 1 kg. When you open your inventory directly the displayed summary weight will be 1 kg. But if you open a box or a backpack the companion robot is not displayed in your inventory. And the summary weight of your items will be 0. The problem is that you see a summary of only visible items. Weight of hidden items you actually have in your inventory is not included to the summary :slight_smile:

Additionally, there is a bug described above when if you have several identical things in your inventory (which are not stacked to a single inventory slot) that only one of them may be displayed. And, accordingly, the summary weight will be reduced.

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  1. There is the following bug: if you have several identical items in your inventory (which are not stacked to a single inventory slot) that only one of the items is displayed when lootbox inventory is opened (see the previous post).

  2. Lootbox inventory > ‘WEIGHT:’ in the left bottom corner - Players expect to see (IMO) a total weight of all items in the inventory but not only weight of visible items. The full weight would be useful to calculate the rest of inventory capacity. The reduced weight is confused. (E.g. companion robot is not displayed here and its 1 kg is not included into the sum).

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