Playing with friends? (Xbox One)

Is there any way I can play with my friends? We keep trying to send each other game invites and nothing is happening. Can we even play with friends at all yet?

Yes it works quite well.
Instead of inviting others, just JOIN their games. So step by step.

Host: start a game, open menu and go to MULTIPLAYER, where you can change settings to „friends only“ if you wish to

Clients: after created a character, quit session. In main menu go to MULTIPLAYER and hit X for „friends game“ and look in the list for your Xbox friend who’s hosting. There you should see his game. Just join it.

Yes, it works very good. My friends and I play many games together, it is so much fun.

On the coop games do the players share loot caches or can they all loot the same cache?

In other words if player_01 loots box_A is box_A now empty for player_02?

Wait can you guys still play the game. The closed beta shut down in somewhere near September and the full game dosnt release till sometime in 2019.

You can loot the same cache, so no need to fight over loot.

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