PlayStation Multiplayer Issues?

I am experiencing a large amount of issues while trying to play online with my friends I will admit I’m not sure if this is entirely an operator error or not me and my friends several times throughout the past two days have tried to join games with each other making sure all of our settings were in correspondence when what we wanted and it seemed that no matter what we did our connection to the host with time out before we joined each other this is rather odd considering both of us can join random matchmaking lobbies with no issues

Was wondering if this is a current bug/issue

Or personal problems that we are experiencing

I am currently having the same timeout before joining issue where it states “your connection attempt to the multiplayer session has timed out” before ever joining the game and im on PS5. If you find anything out let me know I want to play this with friends so badly

Don’t start your game. Let the host send an invite. Accept it and let the game start from the invite. It usually work for us on ps4 if there is problem with connection

That’s what we did on PS5, too.
Since one update I currently don’t remember, we we’re able to Join from out of the game, too.

This did not work for me, I’m still unable to join my friends. But I’m able to join random multiplayer sessions.

Another thing: i have 1 friends i can join and it works. But if he invites anyone else i cannot see them in game.

Appears that anyone who’s invisible in game to me, i cannot join via invite. And vise versa for them.

Sucks to see how little the devs care about this game and the multiplayer

Oh, check your nat-type.
That could be the reason.
It should be nat-type 2.
If it’s nat-type 3 there always are problems with joining each other.

We also have had problems with invisible friends. Usually a restart of the console made it work again. Most often the problem was with a friend that never turned his off. But when he restarted it he could join and see the rest of the players.

Yes, you should always turn off the game completly. The standby and return mode doesn’t work well with GZ.