Pleas make cross play


Pleas make the game cross play because then i can play with my friends


you can play with your friends if i remember it correctly you had to enable it on the options to play with friends and you should have added this to the feedback page


@Skullgames666 most likely meant cross-play between systems, I play it on PC and would love to be able to play with my PS4 or XBOX friends.

I doubt that it will happen for this, it’s probably too complicated of an adjustment to make happen but we can hope


That’s up to Microsoft and Sony, unfortunately. Perhaps in the future.


oh understood thanks for informing but still would have been helpulf for to be in feedback or other page


agreed, that is why it was moved there


Based on general trends recently, more likely Sony. Microsoft would likely have no issue with cross-play support if Avalanche asked.


Agreed. Cross play would be great, seeing as the game doesn’t have that large a player base compared to the big AAA releases. It would add to GZ’s longevity.