Please ad stashes!


Many other survival open world games have stashes around the world that players can save thier stuff in. I know that if you drop something from your inventory on the ground or in a case/box it will despawn sooner or later, but i’ve got a solution for this! You could have a stash that’s about the same size as you inventory (depending on how many times you’ve upgraded the inventory skill) on every safehouse, like next to the vehicle spawner or something. You will then be able to access your items on any unlocked safehouse (instead of having hundreds of stashes so that you can have thousands of items). Please upvote this topic and please Gen Z, ad this in a upcoming update, i think that many people would love to see this in-game!


May come next patch. But from what it was stated in a funny way it sounds like it’s definitely coming.

“What things you ask? You’ll have to stash that question away for now, but it is a feature that has often been requested. We’ll have more info as we get closer to releasing it.”


That would be nice, logging out in one character and logging in as another just to transfer some ammo is a real pain and time consuming. A stash box or vault at each safe house to grab your stuff from makes much more game sense, if not real world sense.


Stashes are needed, its not funny to have to drop weapons to carry more ammo for the big fights only to lose your stash.


Stashes would be great, as I have argued before in here. However, it seems many players still haven’t figured out that you can create extra characters to carry your spare equipment…


Having to use extra characters kinda sucks though. Especially since you have to exit to the menu and risk the game crashing. I know more than a few people who lost items doing that. Besides that, I like leveling up my alt characters so using them as pack mules makes that annoying. Even if a shared stash isn’t implemented, some way of transferring items to your other characters without having to exit would be an improvement.


It doesn’t just suck. It’s annoying and pointless imo to flip to another toon when it’s reflects to world events such as missions. Power struggle to lvl other toons when you have done all missions is a rugged climb just killing bots and finding returning beacons only.
Not to mention my second toon I use now as my corrected build has bugs. Specifically more times than I like happen in full auto or burst shots my toon stops firing for no appearance reason and I have to re tap the trigger and with the issues of swapping weapons and ready up items being delayed or not pulling up it gets frustrating with the shooting issue.

But pointless is for my second build I just need 10 more skill points and you almost have a decent build. I play most my games as if I’m playing Metalgear or specifically how mg5 was setup. Stealth and when stealth fails I can run and gun to safety. Being full stealth I almost can’t run an gun away if a group of hunters appear out of know where.

I’m an individual with different likes and dislikes I know this isn’t going to be 100% what others agree but it almost shines that majority don’t want or don’t wish to use a second toon as a build or holding tank.

It makes more sense to build a second, third or forth for a second third or forth new play through. That we can use in multiplayer mode at anytime more so than just as a preset concept


I don’t stash anything on other characters. I see it as a concept that you can’t have it all. You have to choose carefully what you’re going to carry. I have only one sidearm. And no meusser, Ai-76 or Sjögren. And thinking about dumping my gold pump Shotgun because I hardly ever use it.

But I understand that People want everything. Just as in real life. But I think it’s unrealistic to stash everything you find in one safehouse and it will be there for you if you enter another safehouse. And with fast travel if you have it in a specific house you just go there and collect.

But I’m all for stashes if it is in a specific house and we abandon safetravel. Because then we have to travel on foot or bike to get our Gold Magnum 44 we hid in a barn. Now that we found a lot of bullets for it.


Thank’s for all the awnsers, now we just have to wait until they ad this feature!


IF they add this feature…


I do stash on other toons, but I never use them again. I keep them just to be “on the safe side”. I think really you should have to choose three weapons and that’s your lot. IRL, you’d choose one and a sidearm.

I use the pump - I’ll have yours if you’re chucking it! You can’t find them later on (at least I can’t) so I’ve got a “Worn” one, and I’ve never seen a 5*…