Please add New sneaking mechanics


I love this game and its lots of fun, but it’s too easy for the mechines to spot you. Every time I get up, a machine sees me no matter how far away they are. This game would be so much more fun (in my opinion) if it had hiding/sneaking mechanics like in bushes or tall grass, Maybe even in buildings. This is because you would be able to sneak up on them and get up close for shots or just to look at them.


I find that going prone works great for staying hidden. Foliage like trees, bushes, reeds, high grass etc do actually work just fine as well, but remember that the more advanced Machines (especially Hunters) sport thermal vision and the like to spot you sooner.

Another important note; they will listen for you. Moving through certain kinds of vegetation will make them suspicious.


Besides what’s said above, in-game difficulty level plays the biggest role in the sneaking. The higher the difficulty level - the further out machines will detect you.

Also, i concur that most of the times, machines will hear you long before they see you. Same goes vice-versa as well.


Believe me I get you on the sneak as there are times I can get close & others where they see me it seems a mile away. I play on the medium difficulty & have been able to sneak up on all runners to the point a single shot from a Klauck into the tank is a killer. Move slowly the faster you move the sooner they will find you no matter what machine. Watch their spot mechanic…as soo as it shows stop…lay flat, or get behind a tree or rock if possible & do not move until it goes away, just keep a weapon trained on them in case they see you so you are ready. I have 1% noise on my feet only, and have been able to sneak up to a tank looking away to drop a gas container within about 5 feet of its foot. The cover does work and if you by chance have and IR scope on a weapon…use it cause there are times if you are in brush if you can see them…they can see you. One quick thing if you are trying to get around them…hug the water if you can, I have walked right by hunters and tanks literally hugging the coastline alone the way…if you move slowly they don’t hear you so they only turn to look if they do…I have don’t away many times running to the water…the machines lose you unless they have a direct line of site…

Plus sneaking around…always walk aways…then use binocs to scan the area, especially open fields…its easier for them to blend in that you in some cases…hope that helps…