Please add Plundra inventory in other inventory screens


Since the introduction of the Plundra I am always wondering if I need to pick up certain items to stash them in the Plundra or if I already have enough of it in there.

The Plundra is in (almost) all safe houses accessible so the game has it’s inventory stored somewhere. I wonder if it would make sense to add the inventory inside the Plundra of each item in an inventory screen in brackets (or anything else what would make sense). I scribbled a draft how it could look.

I made the colour different to recognize it on first glance. In this case I could see I have no SP ammo for the Meusser and know that I would only collect FMJ ammo of it’s type.


I really like this idea!

I have a “modification” for it, that i think will create a “better” result for the end-user.

Skip the local inventory side of your alteration in loot-menu (but change the inventory-menu as suggested), optionally, dont even show local inventory in loot-menu.

The loot-menu lists “ItemName 1 (2) {3}”, where ( ) = local inventory count and { } = plundra count.
That way you wont have to scroll thru local inventory to try to find “all the items” in the loot to see if you have enough of the ammo type or whatever.
I would love to see this implemented for all items, even weapons and attachments and perhaps even with different counters for “attached” and “free” mods.

That would instantly show us that we already have 4 shotgun scopes in plundra and one is not attached to anything when we come across a shottie scope in a lootable container.

A example: "Weapons locker: “Shotgun_scope_2x : 1 ,( 0 ) , { 4 , 1 }” "

And regarding the differentiation between different storages, a specific colour for each storage is actually a great idea. :slight_smile:
So should this idea be implemented, i sincerely hope they will implement “color-coding” information.

A bunch of numbers in a row isnt very user-friendly, but teaching the user that blue means backpack and pink means plundra shouldnt be too hard. :slight_smile:


I don’t quite get this, sir…
I mean: seeing your inventory, and the “loot box” (whether it’s an actual loot box or a machine inventory) side to side, shows your ammo count and the “loot box” ammo count.
To me, that’s the most logical way to work?
This also is for all other stuff that might be in either your inventory, or said “loot box”?

Remember the old inventory system, sir?
With the boxes?
That was ideal, if you want a clean, sorted out inventory/plundra.
Think about it: in the rifle tab (pure example) you get say 100 boxes.
Each weapon, no matter what, has 1 box, but the limit is still based on weight.
Now, you can place any weapon anywhere on these 100 boxes, and it will not move, unless YOU move it.
Perfect (at least, this would be for me).
Now, think of ALL tabs with said system…
Best of both worlds.

But we still run an issue: what with weapons that have an attachment…
For this, I suggested a separate “personal” weapon closet (as seen in some old westerns and some police movies), where your own, personal weapons with attachments are stored.
These would have the old system, box wise: three boxes per row, and let’s say… 20 rows? where you can store your personal goodies.
We could even turn it into a semi-ammo case, so we do not just have a pistol and rifle tab, but additionally an ammo tab.

Merely thinking out loud here…



Let me try and explain something, sir.
I’m autistic, and I’m, according to the people I know, too logical and too pragmatical.
And I do not think from ‘emotion out’, according to them.

As example I can tell this one:
I’ve always was against plundra, why?
It would upset balance a lot, as people could now start to hoard ammo and whatnot.
It was proven to be correct…
Yet… I use Plundra to store gear to give away to those that want it (Discord Trading Center).
I mean, it’s there, right?

I was against Exp Weapons, unless balanced out, as these, when OP, would imbalance the game further.
I was proven to be correct.
Now… I do not use these, because they are too OP.
But DANG… do they look nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was severely against transport of any type, as this would undo a part of the game: exploring.
I did say, I would accept it, if the dangers that come along with it were correctly implemented: you would be a sweet li’ll target.
Then, FR came with… a TRUCK…
I was the one, the only one, to think: well, if we have this… and seeing that safehouses (with a plundra that stalks us) is somewhat a strange thing, seeing we can teleport (WHA??? WITCHCRAFT, BURN DA WITCH!!!) which makes absolutely no sense…we COULD have a MOBILE BASE!!!
Yes… me… the one that is SO against transport… advising for a TRUCK as base.
BUT: That would undo this “witchcraft”, the “stalking plundra”, and best of all?
This base could be a new crafting thing, so you can make the truck “as you want it” (within limits, obviously).
Simple logic and pragmaticallity.

What I’m trying to say is: Though I do not always agree with implemented things, if I think, it might help the game, the story, I will turn to it for idea.

What I wonder is: you played the main story line, correct, sir?
Have you missed “Human NPC interactivity” (not speaking of spoken messages on recorders and the incoming radio calls)?
Or was that part good as is: where "machines (recorders, radios, …) told you where to go next, what to do next?


The suggested idea is only helpful to those who have trouble remembering what they have in their Plundra.

Then again, if we would have few and far between safehouses (5+km apart, without Fast Travel) then having the indicator of Plundra inventory would be helpful. But this is not the case in GZ. You can Fast Travel to any safehouse and safehouses are so close of each other that the Plundra inventory indicators aren’t needed.

Moreover, Plundra isn’t a thing where you need to collect X amount of Z ammo to gain Y. And the current reason for it (which i can see) is: “if i have enough”.
Enough for what? Since depending on a person, for one 100x rounds of Z ammo is more than enough while for another, 1000x rounds of same ammo is not enough. Also, if you are unsure, pick it up and sort it out later, when you are at Plundra (that’s what i do).

I’d see more use of Recycling Station inventory indicator since those are far and few between, resources themselves weigh quite a bit and with resources, you do need X amount of Z resource to craft Y.


Me, for example. I’m rarely at a Plundra to memorize everything including the amounts.

Yes, but then I’d need a field radio every time and those are not that abundant.

It’s not about math. It’s about seeing at a glance if I need to pick an item up or not. When I say to myself: “I need to have at least 100 rounds of ammo type XYZ before I can pick up the gun from the Plundra” I can estimate how far that goal is. But it’s not only about ammo. It’s about grenades, gas canister etc. I’m used to lure rivals to safehouses to do some old fashioned kamikaze attacks with lots of gas canister or landmines to ring them down.

Thanks for using my proposal for your gain. I’d have the indicators for everything not only the crafting materials. Why limit it to crafting materials only? This would basically set some artifical limits what’s shown and what’s not.

I could do with another implementation if the indicators are too provoking. What about a good old journal. And I mean an ingame journal where I can erase stuff, type my own thoughts or whatever I want. So I could keep my own inventory in the journal at which I can look at every time I want. This would be applicable to crafting materials to.


Well… truthfully… that’s not even a bad idea, really!
What I would suggest is, where the ammo amount is shown in the Inventory, it will not just say XXX
but rather XXX of YYYYY (The total of Inv. and plundra), or an upper amount number for the inventory and a number below for total of Inv and Plundra.
It does not have to be complicated, is it? :slight_smile: