Please add the option to remove all clothes

Please add the option to remove all clothes because there is nothing more satisfying than to fight the machines in your undies.

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With GZ’s PG12 rating, that can’t be done. For it to be possible, GZ must be rated for PG16.

Also, who in their right mind would want to be outside, on their underwear, in the middle of Sweden’s winter? :astonished:

This aint Tomb Raider 2

Have you never skinny dipped after a good sauna? :smiley:

Skinny dipping is for a short period of time to feel good. Running butt-naked and shooting machines is completely different thing. :wink:

See? Running will keep ya warm

I hear you have never been in a sauna i Värmland :stuck_out_tongue:

While i do understand the age rating side, i still think that some/most of the clothes should be optional.

For instance; the jacket isnt really neccesary if you already got a tshirt on, at least not from a “non-nudity”-standpoint.

But i do agree with OP, i would enjoy the naturalist experience in slaughtering robots in my birthday-suit :slight_smile: and since its in sweden; i would yell OLLAD for the finishing touch… :wink:

This is a pretty random suggestion, but very funny nonetheless! :laughing:
Oh, and mind you, it’s not just any undies - has to be these bad boys :point_down:


I don’t live in Sweden for me ending up in a sauna in Värmland. Though, i’ve been in a sauna in my home country and have seen some :crazy_face: people jumping butt-naked into freezing lake coming straight from sauna.

Though, these are only few people and i don’t think that niche tradition is enough to be implemented in the game and then use out of context by players.

Actually, most apparel items are optional.

What are optional, are: hats, ear-rings, necklaces, face paint, wrist wear, gloves.
What aren’t optional, are: shirts, pants, jackets, shoes.

If you are in a hot desert (as seen on pic) then yes :hot_face: but not when being in a cold and snowy forest/plains. :cold_face:

Some time back, it was asked in the dev stream why players can’t swim. Devs responded to that, that you don’t want to go swimming in the middle of Sweden’s November. While adding that even in summer time, water can be cold to swim.

That stream too (it’s at 00:19:33):

If they ever change GZ into summer season, we’d better get some 90’s swimming trunks and flip-flops.

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I hope the world isn’t taken over by then!