Please allow for more then four player co-op


My friends and I have been hoping for a game that allows us to play in coop, but it seems most games can only accommodate only up to four players. If Generation Zero isn’t a pvp game then why not have an option to have six or even up to eight players. What’s the harm in having an option to have more then just four in coop? My friends and I’ve been enjoying Killing Floor’s six player coop. Please give this game an option to add more then just four.


Hey Dan!

I don’t think I’ve seen an official response from any developers or avalanche staff members. So I can can only tell you what I know about P2P and this information may not be relevant to Generation Zero, it’s based on how P2P works normally. If you want a simple answer it’s for a smoother experience.

Due to it being Peer 2 Peer setup this means that the clients (users) need to maintain a connection with all other clients inside of the party. Even if you all live in the same area all of your ping will vary. Some may sit at 75 ping while others may sit at 150 ping and those living father away up to 300 or more ping, a stable connection also plays a major role in this. If all the packets the clients are sending are coming in at different times and the game needs to manage these and due to the ping they’re not coming in order, they’re out of order. With this being said there is no way to predict when the information is going to arrive so the game needs to use something called predictive modelling, meaning it’s using statistics to guess where the client or objects will be and adjust this accordingly for when the information comes in, which is what I think caused the robots to teleport in the beta. With lots of data in and out and any unstable connections and ping can cause issues. The best games do is predict where stuff will be and with the more clients comes more issues until there is too many clients that will cause it to skip frames and or freeze. Especially with it being a larger game and having to predict multiple objects moving it would make an unpleasant experience,so with this being said I would say it was a smart choice.

Memory leaks can also be caused due to open sockets and what not, but I’ll rather not make you bored to death.


Hi and thanks for the response. I guess I should have specified whattype of system the question was intended for (my goof - sorry). I’ll be,“possibly,” purchasing Generation Zero when it’s available for the PC and so I was hoping that the game would have the option to have more players in coop.


Yes, how does that change my response, this is how P2P works overall?


For some reason I thought you were referring to playing this game on a console, my mistake.

My friends (some living several states away from me) and I have been playing both Farcry3 and Rainbow Six seige in 4 and 5 player sessions respectfully with no problems. Unfortunately this means leaving out a friend or two on occasion. So I was just hoping that having at least a 6 player coop session was possible. I would think that it wouldn’t be an issue at all with fiber optics.


How often do the developers read the posts and do they respond to game ideas (like allowing more then 4 in coop play)?


Yes the developers read the posts often and do take everything into consideration which is posted however they may not always respond.


Okay, thanks.:grinning::grinning: