Please buff damage of Exp. Magnus

At the moment, the Exp. Magnus deals less than half the damage of the normal Magnus.

I know this, because I tested. With a normal Magnus, you can 1-shot the tank of a FNIX runner - with an experimental Magnus, you need at least 3 shots.

So please buff the damage for the Exp. Magnus, so it can still 1-shot the tanks of at least FNIX runners. Right now, it’s just a museum piece, with an odd ability. If it had the normal Magnus damage, it would be a good handgun that looks cools, with a laser sight and an odd ability.

Edit: I found other exotic uses for the Exp. Magnus - still a little disappointed by the direct damage, but not as big of a problem as it originally seemed to be…

Cheers! :sunglasses:


Maybe we just need to find the tricks with it.
What if you shoot at another player? Will it detect that as first hit? What about other obstacles?

I mean, it’s experimental. Why don’t we experiment with them? There will be special purposes for them.

What if you shoot at fnix base walls? Are you able to destroy machines behind that?

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I’ll definitely give it a shot. Also, for my main character, I can live with having a cool looking gun that can be used in 0.00001% of fights.

But I still think it’s rather counter-intuitive that it does WAY less damage than an unmodified Magnum. But let’s see… :sunglasses:

I just try to imagine how it was, when the exp 12g was introduced.

I guess no one initially thought about using birdshot with it and got totally disappointed by its range… We have to find how to use it perfectly.

It’s like the flamethrower… I was a bit disappointed at first, but it’s the best weapon against tick spamming hunters… Or better the ticks.

I found it useful in a base assault as it fires straight through the Fnix walls to cause damage on the other side.

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It’s fine when you know how to use it.

Ok I did actually experiment a bit - and it definitely has its uses. I uses it with Explosive ammo, which I think does more blast damage (or at least it looks cool!).

When doing base assault and attacking the FNIX Central, it does around 10% damage per hit through the walls - this is rather good!

Also, for Tanks and Harvesters, putting the shrapnel charge on one of the legs can deal around 2% damage per hit to the body behind it on Apoc Tanks and Harvesters.

This means that after shooting off their weapons, an Apoc Tank needs around 25 hits and a Apoc Harvester around 30 hits with the shrapnel blast.

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I also found out it can actually shoot through house walls as well - dealing around 1% damage to an Apoc Tank.

So it’s very situational - but if you need to shoot through walls, it’s quite good! :sunglasses:

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