Please do something about vehicle physics

Everytime i go out traveling with my bike or moped, flakmoped even. i face the same issue. I bounce everywhere. The second i touch something that isnt Flat road, everything goes wild. The vehicles in-game needs a better physics engine. Currently the bicycle is just broken, its a highly unpleasant experience to ride any vehicle.

We NEED a revamp on the vehicles, What good is the Dirtbike if it cant even ride comfortably in terrain because the smallest bump sends my friend absolutely FLYING.

So dear devs, and players Can we please come togheter and save the only form of transportation except for maxing our running speed.

Save the bike


Ya… I don’t use any of them. Pay for all DLC’s and use once. Can’t stay on them so I just fast travel and run everywhere. Would be nice for something you could steer.

The bicycles are road bikes, so they’re likely not to work well in any other terrain.

The mopeds and flatbed mopeds are also made for roads, except for maybe the Dirtbike and the flatbed equivalent, those could use some adjustment.

I do feel like one of the bicycles could also need a terrain variant. Mountain bikes are very 80’s.


Thats the thing, slightest elevation or part or anything that you would irl, just simply hop over. Sends you to the Shadowrealm of bugs,pain and the need to have to either painfully have to turn your bike around or get back on, only to repeat on the next elevation in terrain

This is on regular roads and cities too, random rubble or runner that you could definetly handle irl. just doesent work

Imagine how fun it would be to race dirtbikes against eachother on the track or in the woods :wink:

It is. Did it once with my mate.

One wonders why they put “city bikes” in the game and not dirt/sport bicycles.
I live in a city and i dont even own a “city bike”, the tires are so slim its a nightmare and it makes it look “weaker”.
Not only that, Sweden as you know very well has a lot of mountains and countryside with big forests, so i dont get it :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesent matter, i live in the countryside here in sweden we still roll with that slim weak looking thing. Its incredibly cheap, nobody wants to steal it. Easier to maintain.

The army even used this type of bike.

Maybe it’s just because the model of the bicycle already existed when they added the feature to ride them.

I thought it came with the game on March 2019 ?
If not then that is one reason.

No it didn’t.
I thought you knew that.

I got the game in Early november 2019, cant remember everything.
I guess having those models as objects is one of the reasons.

The game was released in march 2019, the bicycles came in june 2019.
Not a great gap between that and probably they once were intended to be in the day1 version, but finally they came as free update.

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