Please help stuck on mission

I hate having to post this but been playing for hours and I’m stuck. I’m on the chapter “The Road to Salthamn” as I’m unable to locate the houses of those responsible for civil defense in Salthamn. I’m sure it’s staring me right in the face but getting quite frustrated with it now

Thanks for any help in advance…

I’m stuck on the same part. I found 2 audio recordings BEFORE finding the shelter and according to the mission items (in the log) they were in 2 of the 4 houses I’m supposed to find. I’m afraid I may have bugged it but I could also simply be an idiot and miss the objectives.

Anyone have any info on what to do here?

Same goes to me, I am kinda stuck on this part aswell

i had some intel on which houses with the address and then looked it up on the map i also had for the quest but that was a bit of a hassle so i killed everything and ran around town till i had a marker on some of the houses :wink:

I have gotten stuck on the farm. Found the audio log but i just can’t find the note or letter that seems to be necessary. Getting a bit of a choppy gameplay experience so some kind of hint - system could be a good idea.

The thing is, there are so many things I need to find yet I only have 3 and absolutely no Idea how to find more since I am pretty sure I checked all of the houses

I m in the farm i cant find where the people went to


If you went to Salthamn and looted the houses before you went into the bunker, especially the 2 phonerecorders and the evac map you will not be able to complete the quest.
The way to fix this atm is to leave your current game and then press continue to jump back into a fresh instance.
Run back to Salthamn and enter the Bunker. As you have already done this part you wont have enemies nor markers in there but pick up the list of names and the map over Salthamn and then head back into down.
When you are back in Salthamn just head to Göstas house first (it’s the one closest to the bunker) and pick up the phonerecording that plays audio of Anita telling Gösta that she has the map at her place.
After that just move on over to her house (that I can’t pinpoint from memory) and pick up the evac map, this will complete the quest “Road to Salthamn” and you can continue your play through.

Exit to main menu and click continue to load back in a fresh instance of the game.
Run to Salthamn and enter the bunker FIRST.
Pick up map and list of names and exit bunker.
Go to town and find phonerecording and map at Göstas and Anitas houses respectively.

Regards Grimar

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I have tried this too without sucess. The way I did this was the following

I fast travelled to the nearest safehouse which was Stenhaga Farm in my case. When I arrived I exited the game by going to Main Menu and then i chosed Continue to get back into the game.

After that I followed your steps, I ran all the way back to Salthamn and I did not even look at the houses and just ran right into the bunker, I picked up the map and the document with the list of names. Once i had those I ran out of the bunker and went into Göstas home and took the audio messege from Anita, after I had that I went to Anita’s house and picked up the map.

Once I had done this, nothing happend. Below is everything I have tried to progress.

I have started off with the bunker, i take two clues in there (clue 4 and 5 from left to right). After that I have gone to all the houses in two different orders since the list and the text is different. So the order I have tried and what i’ve found in each house is this.

1 - Forellbacken 3 - There i find clue 1 which is a audio recoring in the answering machine.
2 - Olle Fiskares väg 3 - There i find clue 3 which is the evacuation map.
3 - Måsgatan 1 - There I find clue 2 which is a scribbled letter.
4 - Vintergatan 8 - I have spent hours looking through this house, garage, lawn, shed and I have found no clue there what so ever.

The other order I have visited the houses has been by following the text and not the list, which is the following.

1 - Forellbacken 3
2 - Måsgatan 1
3 - Vintergatan 8
4 - Olle Fiskares väg 3

And I found same clues in each house regardless, same as nothing in Vintergatan 8. I even gone through the houses around the 8 on Vintergatan on the map to make sure i was in the right house without sucess.

I have tried to go to the main menu and continue multiplie times (4-5 times so far now) and try these in different orders. I have started off with taking all the clues in the houses apart from Vintergatan 8 which has no clue and then entering the shelter and take the two clues there without turning the power on first.

Second way i tried is to do exacty the same as above but turning the power on first and then take the clues and there is no difference.

I have collected 5 clues apart from clue 6. I have also tried starting off in the shelter with the power on and taken the clues there and then the houses, same as the power off first > clues > houses.

EDIT: I found a fix that worked for me. The only way that i got past this was to join a multiplayer session where someone else had not done that step i were stuck on. As soon we got to Salthamn I did the following. I ran into the bunker first, killed everything > RESTORED THE POWER > Then picked up both clues > ran out of the bunker and went to Forellbacken 3 to pick up the audio message > Then went to Olle Fiskares väg 3 to pick up the map > Mission updated.

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tks guy, but where is anita’s house ? :-(((((

i’m going to be crazy

Same problem for me, did everything described in the possible fix, can’t pickup the last tape.
And in Anita’s house, where the map is, I found another tape recorder in the kitchen on a shelf to the right that I can’t interact with, is this the last item we need?

Anita’s house is on the upper part of the village, when you have the shelter behind you, follow the road left, there is a flipped car, then further a burning one, in front of a yellow house, Anita’s house is next to it, the red one.

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@ greuf :slight_smile:
ok tks guys…
this game is really addictive

so where is the other house ? for the tape…
I already know Anita’s House… but not the auther ^^

yeah I got stuck on this mission too, loving everything about this game though.

This mission is a pain, caused my coop group to be disinterested in the game. The game definitely needs more polish for release. I like the concept, the clipping and jankiness needs to be fixed though.

I am not sure what happened to the mission but I went through all the Houses, Relaunched the game, Went into main menu, Fast travelled, Went through the houses 2 more times and NOTHING worked, I am still missing 2 things to complete the mission. I will have to create a new character I assume. DAMN IT


i have

  • Anita’s message
  • Peter’s Note
  • Evacuation map
  • contact list
  • Saltham Map

And i can’t the last clues ? what is this clue et where is she ?

i finaly start on ligne mod ans try to find a session who people didn’t started this mission.

And it work !!!

so i can following game ^^

Encountered the same issue.
tried everything suggested except the multiplayer part.

EDIT: MP solved it,

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