Please nerf AND buff the machines


I think it would be very interesting if difficulty was done like it is in STALKER. Bullet sponge enemies are lazy but I’d love if ammo was more scarce and machines could kill you just as easily you could them(if you get shots on the right places), as well as having more clever AI. Like that old saying, the robots should “play smarter, not harder.”


Good feedback here about the AI: POLL Do you like the new, altered map... or do you? :P


I thought the same. If enemies had as much health as on adventure while dealing the same damage as on guerilla and ammo was a lot scarcer (no more pvg spamming) the crafting and looting would gain dominance. About 98% of my online matches consisted of players just running up to enemies with a pvg and instagibbing them. There are more factors involved, though: Most enemies are too easily disabled by destroying their guns, they don’t properly recognize cover and move to a better position (AI programming is really hard) and I also think that different difficulties should influence the drop rates of certain items like rare cosmetics or experimental weapons, but no item should be exclusive to any difficulty.


They have only fought the military and their lazy tactics. They were doomed to fight 4 pubescent teens that wouldn’t scoff at the fact of shooting off a tanks “pee-pee” to disarm it.


I agree - the number of bullets being traded and medkits consumed is over the top.


Excuse me, sir?

You get heaps upon heaps of ammo, AND now you can even CRAFT ammo…
Considering that, sir, they should bring the bullet sponginess up by 500%, if not 1000%.

People have stocks of many 1000 rounds…
Maybe even MORE HP packs and Adren pens.
All form of realism and balance because of this… inexistent…

And all THAT due to Plundra, and now crafting!!!

No, the sponginess, considering the hoarding of the above mentioned, should increase exponentially, IMHO, sir…


It’s been said before, and I’ll gladly repeat it:

You don’t have to use the Plundra.
You don’t have to craft anything.
You don’t have to loot everything you find.
You don’t have to use adrenaline shots.
You don’t have to use fast travel.
You can play only on Guerilla.
You can play with only 1* weapons.

…and so on.

Please don’t nerf anything, just make the machines a little bit smarter. That’s all it takes.


I don’t think you understand how it changes the game. Bullet sponge is incredibly boring and just increasing health to level with ammo gathering is the lazy way out. It’s also what will kill this game.
If you were to make ammo a lot less accessible, having less inventory space, you’d start considering your playstyle and what ammo you want, either recycling or dropping ammo you don’t want. You’d start using your brain a little just to have fun and then the brain rewards you with good boy points, because you just survived an intense encounter by previously managing and prepping ammo for your currently equipped guns. Right now it’s ammo mules that can carry more than a military convoy with PVGs and there can be up to for of 4 us in one world. The first time I played with a friend, we just dropped the ammo each needed and that co-operation there was the charm. Even the incredibly simple co-op at game’s launch had more meaning than it does now.

If we decrease the ammunition to be looted, then decrease health of machines for the automatics and snipers, but also increase machine damage, it makes the game less bullet-spongy. Remember Division? The game had you shoot humans that would eat 5 whole mags before they decide it’s time to pass out. Did people enjoy that aspect or was it the most negative component of the game for that community?

I personally hate bulletsponge and if GZ takes that route, then it’s game over for most.

I’ll also address this post. You don’t have to and I have done so for a very long time to stretch my enjoyment of the game, but it all runs so thin, when the limits are arbitrary. Just make AI smarter is a simple suggestion that doesn’t actually solve much, other than makes you maybe miss a few more bullets than the incredible amounts you get now. If you want a balancing act, there’s more than 1 component that needs to be affected.

Another edit: Sorry if I’m being too forward for GZ’s moderators to be happy, but this is all pent up over time that has been spent dwelling on all the smaller issues.


Exactly, bullet sponges kill the flow of the gameplay.
I stay at Skirmish difficulty just because of this.
If a Hunter needs 150-200 rounds of 7,62 to go down, it’s not fun anymore.

Of course, I didn’t mean to trivialize this aspect. It’s just that AI is my main concern with the game right now. There are a few AI flaws that really stand out, especially with Tanks and Hunters. Perfecting the AI balance is no small matter, I understand that.

When I said “all it takes”, what I really meant is what it would take for me to get the most enjoyment out of the game. I don’t spend a lot of energy thinking or overthinking all kinds of logical problems and plotholes. The combat is the main reason why I play GZ at this point.


One simple thing that would help is if hunters could shoot while they run.

I want super hunters. Hunters that are 2 or 3 times as big with heavy firepower and armor.