Please play on stream with an Xbox game pad

Hi Pontus and/or Graham!

In the latest stream you got the question about “selection wheels”, a la the emotes, for weapons and items as well and Paul responded with something along the lines of “We think the mouse wheel works well.” There aren’t a lot of mouse wheels on a game pad. :confused:

I also see you use the mouse all the time to drag and drop items and ammo in the inventory, something that is a totally different experience on a game pad.

So, I would love if you were to play on stream with a game pad - connected to the same PC rig you always use - just to see if/how that changes how you play the game.

You are of course allowed to practice as much as you want beforehand, this isn’t about not knowing which button to press when, just to compare the flow of your game to when you play with mouse and keyboard.

I have feedback on how to improve the UX for when playing with game pad and I’ll try to post that this weekend for your consideration.

Thanks for reading and for a great game!


Definitely. You see it more and more with cross game development. No Man’s Sky being the worst offender. UI’s clearly designed for drag and drop / mouse pointers.

There are certainly a few areas where the UI could be made better for people using controllers.