Please unlink a trophy from a random item


I did spend hundreds of hours on this game and got almost all trophies. But there is one which I don’t seem to get - the pirate’s one. It is only possible to achieve if I find a randomly distributed item - the eye patch. Please - how crazy is that ? I don’t know how many of the knapsacks I did check so far - it feels like thousands of them. But no eye patch. This is really frustrating !!!

When is the decision made where this item will pop up ? Will it stay there or will it change with every reload ?

Please increase the chance to get it or unlink it from the trophy. This is just luck and that is wrong for a trophy to achieve !!!


It’s completely random. I saw a discussion about it here on the forums the other day, and I didn’t even know the eyepatch existed. But it does, and some get it sooner or later than others, that’s just how it works :thinking:


That’s weird because I have found the eyepatch a dozen times, not common at all but still weird that you have’nt found one yet…
I think I mostly found them inside houses on the starter islands/south coast.


I’ve finished the game and played many many hours. And I’ve never seen an eyepatch.


I found maybe 3-4 of them, but I was maybe 10 hours in on a new save, found all of them within about 8 hours of game-play of each other, and haven’t seen one in the dozen hours since. I’ve noticed the same kind of behavior with some of the other cosmetics too, not sure if the RNG is biased in some way.


does the style of your characters have an effect on what kind of items you find? my first character was a metalhead and I seemed to get rock style makeup a lot, second was a punk and I seemed to get punk type clothes more. I think it was after making a punk style character that i found an eyepatch.


Ah…I found a few spots recently that had these so hope fully this will aid you in your quest.

Spawn to Klinte, head West - down the hill to a load of parked cars, garages to open, and sheds. Normally find one after 3/4 cycles.

Second spot, again is another ammo run spot in Fiskeback. I could talk you through my route, but its probably easier to just follow the vid. I did it after another update screwed the adrenaline shot spawns. Again, tend to find one on 3rd or 4th cycle.

In light of above comment - all punk based characters.

Good luck sir.


Regarding the style, I always used the metalhead style since I was a metalhead back then and kind of still are, so I don’t think the eyepatch is heavily linked to the punk style.


I found one very early in the game I think in salthamn


so you want them to just remove the I Want To Be A Mighty Pirate! achievement? not sure how else they would be able to remove needing an eyepatch from “Loot something while wearing an eyepatch.” that’s like saying they should remove needing to find all the gnomes for the the Gardener achievement because you cant find one. trophys/achievements shouldn’t all be easy and handed to you. what would the point of them be?


Totally agreed. So many games have arbitrary items/luck based things that you need to get to get an achievement, why should generation zero be any different.


I got eye patch , was in Ostervik in one of the block’s of flat’s , second play through even though i had trophy was in the Uttern bunker , , hey if they unlink trophy can i still keep the eye patch :rofl::+1: