Plundra aesthetics/enhancements


Please disregard if redundant

Regarding Plundra:

  • Nice if it auto sorted our inventory, instead of listed entries.
  • Better if we had pages or a scrollable grid, to organize all that wholesome loot.


That would be very helpful to find a specific type of bullet. Also be nice if storage box was made bigger as I ran out of room quickly with all the rocket I got.


Yes, indeed. I am also replying, to HOPEFULLY refresh this IMPORTANT topic for others to see as well as the Devs know it’s still HOT.


If the “inventory” started to sort itself, we might not need a bigger inventory, to still keep game balance. Seem with the storage box. A sort function would be good, to quick see all “gray” weapons and drop them for example.


I think this was brought up during last wednesday’s Q&A Stream, but I’m not sure. Could be worth asking there, it’s good feedback. I’d love a sort function to the Plundra as well :slight_smile:


Don’t catch those that often but it’s great to hear, that both sides are aware. Let’s keep it up !