Plundra Idea.... Oh come on, 15 letters... DUH


When starting a total new game (through deleting characters, NOT through deleting the save folders, note), all but Plundra is reset.
However… so is CLOTHING!
Please make it so that clothing is optionally saved under the Plundra part, so we do not lose these.
Why optionally?
Well, some might want to delete those, if it is not optional, those can’t delete these.

Another system might be, to put a new tab in Plundra: Aptly named… CLOTHING.
God, the sheer brilliance here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, do give us the option to delete clothing.
Thank you.


The loss of clothing items after deleting all your chars is working as intended since you are wiping the char progression. However, the fact that Plundra contents remain, is a bug.

Also, i don’t think it’s good idea to itemize apparel items and give them weight and ability to store them in Plundra.


Well, while I 100% understand you here, good miss, it is sad to lose these EACH time you reset.
Let us hope, clothing will be bugged very soon, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, on the same note but not at all: allow us to store the dalahast, tapes and whatnot as well in Plundra.

Additionally: add a SORT button to the Plundra, so weapons, attachements, ammo and the like can be sorted in their respective tab as well.
Will make for a MUCH better oversight of what we have.
Suggestion: sort from “weak” to “powerful”.


I think deleting your save should wipe clean all your progress, achievements, challenges, collectibles, clothes and of course, your physical, weight-based items. Isn’t this only fair and “normal” in games? :thinking:
Please just keep things the way they are, it works just fine as it is! Instead, focus on developing the game further and make new content. :slight_smile:
Trying to fix something that already works can be dangerous business. This much we know by now. :woozy_face:

Not sure what you, @Xogroroth, mean by giving weapons, attachments and ammo each their respective tab in the Plundra… Don’t they already have that?? If I drop anything into my Plundra, it automatically goes into it’s correct category. :thinking:

+1 on @Aesyle’s comment. Placing clothes and all the, what? 5,6,7? different types of collectibles each in their respective category in the Plundra would make one hell of a mess! And for what use? If you honestly want to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of items just to “see what you got”, that makes no sense to me, when we already have clearly functioning menus for that purpose. :roll_eyes:

Don’t mean to bomb your suggestion, Xog, I just disagree with you on this one. :wink:


What i think is that “temporary” clothing like Halloween costumes should stay saved somehow, the weapons, gear and other clothing all can be found in the game (some take some time).
But i believe the “special” clothing should stay saved in some way ?:man_shrugging:
Not a game breaking issue but it would be cool.


It does just that.
However, if you do not delete the whole save file, you keep the Plundra.
But, I would like also the option to store clothing there, so when I restart a game keeping the Plundra, I get to have my clothes as well.
Hmmm, and my Challenges, please include these too. :slight_smile:
Optionally, naturally.

Yes, I actually said, to sort in those tabs.
So all weapons are sorted by type, ammo is, other gear is…

Idea is, to have a separate tab in Plundra, not tied to the Plundra stash.
All clothing would be stored if wanted under one single tab in Plundra, same for the collectibles.

Even when optional?
That makes me soooooo sad… :stuck_out_tongue:
I respect your thoughts on this, though, sir.

But why stop at only the temporary.

Think about it: Today, I was distracted, and began Behind the Curtains while only having done 40% of the map, basically destroying the game session.
Deleted character, after dropping all stuff in the Plundra.
Note, I had just picked up an Exp. 59’er from an Apoc Rival!

So, deleted the character, restart from 0 missions, but not needing to hunt for all I had again, gear and item wise.
If I had the option to restore clothing (I had a whole Dazzle set)… and the achievements done in that not even half game…
Would have saved me a lot of time and frustration, sir.

Others might restart for a different reason, but like to keep their stuff, collectibles and/or achievement progression as well.
Optional, of course!


I have a answer for you, " a line that should not be crossed"
It might not be what you intend, but basically this means, if we can have all the clothes, we could have all the weapons and gear, and soon there is not a game anymore, you go to a field, select 4 harvesters, 2 tanks, 10 runners and 6 hunters to spawn, select the weather to rain with fog, and select some buildings, the weapons and clothes, and there you have it, the game is a total controlled sandbox, i think i made my point (if it was confusing i´m sorry).


Well… I could get behind that.
But understand, please, not all players are that hardcore.
I do not play the game to collect all weapon types/classed, or collectables, or achievements.
In my humble opinion, these should never have been in the game in the first place.
But that’s me.

Now, they are, and as they are, I will do these too.
Still, I would like to get rid of them, as they have ABSOLUTELY no bind into the game’s story.
And THAT is why I play the game… the story, the action, the fun.

So, for people like me… having the option of having it storable or otherwise saveable… would be a GREAT addition.


I´m a bit confused, you don´t like to collect everything but you want storage’s to put the clothes and weapons and for them to be always available even when beginning a new save?
It would make more sense for people like me( collector) to want that system.
You are more of a collector than you think you are :sweat_smile:
Ah Xogroroth you made me laugh a bit, thx mate.
At least it´s better than having folks cursing the devs because of the delays :slightly_smiling_face: .


Keeping clothes, collectibles and achievements is not the same as hoarding, sir.
I began my new game with the golden A4 with Barrel Extension, Scope, and a wee ammo (100 rounds), Secondary was a Golden .50 with 8x16 Scope and 25 rounds.
Tertiary was the Exp Klaucke with no attachments and 75 rounds.
ALL the rest I had left in the previous save, which I deleted, then restarted.

Seeing I botched the game halfway up, and having to restart, knowing I had virtually all achievements past the third phase, and having collected 1/3rd of all collectibles, having a FULL Exp. Dazzle set (which I always go for, I just love its looks, and you know how bloody hard it is to get, right?)

So, keeping these optionally aside and safe from deletion… would have been a major help for me.
Even though I!!! botched it up, the loss of all that “was heavy”, knowing I had to AGAIN go for it.

So, question: is what I suggested still the same as hoarding?
Also, I never had an issue with COLLECTING, I have severe issues then with HOARDING (IE: having 4 Gold X, 5Gold Y, 11 Gold Z, 9 Exp X, 6 Exp Y and 30 Exp Z)…

But… that’s me.

Another question: Which harms the game most (and please, answer unbiassed, sir):
A: Hoarding as per what Hoarding is (Thus it’s definition).
B: Setting past achievements (Achievements, collectibles, clothing I got through killing Rivals) safe for replay?

As I see it, good sir, usually Collectibles, Achievements and collectibles are bound to ACCOUNT in other games, rather than to the character?
So… why not here, right, sir? :slight_smile:


Deleting all your characters should not reset your whole account. There should be a separate command for this. A new player will probably not know that deleting his character will reset everything, so some players are bound to be fooled by that, and many have been.
If a player wants to start fresh, there should be a button to “reset account” or something, that wipes all progress clean. Maybe also with a prompt for a secondary option to keep all collectibles, or not. I understand some people may want to collect all collectibles, clothes and schematics all over again. I personally wouldn’t want this, and would prefer these 3 things to be kept. But if there was a “reset account” button, that command should at least reset your missions, your Plundra, and all your characters with their skills and inventory. :slight_smile:

I also don’t think GZ should have any form of “New Game +”, which has been requested many times before. Starting fresh at Yttervik, but at lvl. 31 with 5* and 6* weapons, makes no sense! You could just plow through the machines all the way to Björntunet with ease! What’s the point in that? I, at least, love that new game feeling of being weak and vulnerable again, having to avoid the most dangerous enemies, while scrounging for slightly better weapons all the time. :slight_smile:


Precisely, thank you.
And this is precisely why I posted this.

Right now, to RESET the account, you delete your save folder.
And voila: total reset.
And even if the Plundra is a bug, which I doubt, tbh (I think the Devs threw many a player a boon here), I would like to keep this, but with the add-on for the three items in separate tabs, not tied into the actual Plundra (so these items would not show up if you press the ALL tab in Plundra).
It is not hard to implement, ESPECIALLY not since it does not have to be tied in into the base Plundra tabs.
It would not make sense, to tie it in the Plundra that way.

It would also enable us to delete any of them: Want a set of clothing gone? Delete.
Want an Achievement gone, as you want to replay it? Delete.
Want a particular Collectible gone? Guess what.

IMHO, especially if this was optional, this would be the best… for actually EVERYONE, as you’re not FORCED to drop it into the Plundra.
And you can delete and store as you see fit, should you so choose it.

I’d call that, if implemented as per this suggestion, a win-win-win-win-… (depending on how many players there are :stuck_out_tongue: )

Another FAR MORE EASILY system would be: a DELETE MISSION PROGRESS button.
Just MISSION RESET and be done with it.

I am so darn clevaaaa… ROFL


I´m sorry i did not understand this

What is for me Hoarding and what type of items are “Inside” of the game definition of hoarding, is that the question?

About the achievements and collectibles I think I understand and agree.
Clothing I don´t agree because if you start new, makes sense to not have the clothes you can find them in the game and from Rivals, although yes it would be easier for some to have those rare rivals clothes from the beginning.


[quote=“Mr_A1992, post:13, topic:27610”]

Hoarding in this game would be storing idiot amounts of ammo, grenades, mines, weapons, …
I simply do NOT believe that collectibles, achievements or clothes could be regarded as HOARDING, as each item only has 1 in amount.
One cannot have 10 sets of Exp Dazzle uniforms for example, one can only have 1.
Also, considering, that in other games, these are ACCOUNT BOUND, and even often outside the game (as per Achievements, note), it is just weird that these are character bound in GZ.

Anyone that disagrees?
Please do tell me, also the reason for disagreement.
Thank you. :slight_smile:


Ok, now i get, you want the option to have the possibility to keep collectibles, achievements or clothes when beginning a new game, but to not being mandatory for everyone thus being optional.
Honestly i doubt they will change that, they don´t even planned to change the skills to 50 or to have a respec option .


50 skillpoints would imbalance the game even more, unless they tweak the machines.
They already are no real threat any more.

A respec option would be darn neat.
I as well suggested this before.
So I agree.

Maybe they could add a mission reset as well, that does not touch anything else…

Who knows… some day…?


A mission Reset would the best improvement they could make with already present assets.
What about allowing to put skill points without the need for them to be near of each other?
That would solve the problem, there are some useless points.


You mean a Skill Point pool, sir?

If so, if the powers that be, want to upgrade the Skill System with a new Skill and skilltree, that pool will be an issue.
Unless of course, if they want to keep the 30 point distribution amount.
Then this surely can be done, so true…

I like that idea, really.


i´m not sure about a skill point pool…i have to be honest i never saw that term in any game had to look it on google :sweat_smile: .
I was actually talking about a free point distribution system, free implies for free movement not depending from needing point C to get to E.
And the final specialization would only be available after using some of the skills…
If they don´t extend the Skill points at least having a respec option and a readjustment system as i said would make things better for everyone.