Plundra should be separate for different characters

So, me and my friend recently got another of our friends to start playing with us. I noticed a few things.

First of all, the two of us who had already finished the game had the map unlocked and explored, just like our old characters. A bit of a let down, since we couldn’t re-explore it again.

But worse than that, all our gear from our old characters were also in our Plundra boxes.
I know, we can just decide not to use our shiny experimental weapons and such. But I’d rather not even have the option.

Same goes for clothing and such. I’d rather that the new character I make is on the absolute same level as my friends who play this for the first time.

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I can understand your point. I too felt that way when I first started checking out the 2nd character. I wouldn’t be opposed to this at all, but I will say I’m not too upset over how it is now. I guess I could take it or leave it, you have a valid argument though