Plundra storage and map

Just jumped in after wow 18+ gb patch.
Would be nice if on map which safehouses have the storage let you know. So your not wasteing time FT to a safehouse just to realize it doesnt have storage box.
Or put them in all safehouses.

As far as I know, all safehouses have storage boxes. If you’ve found one without, feel free to post it in Bug Reports so it can be fixed :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to test the update but patch notes say “Most Safehouses now come equipped with the brand new “Plundra” Storage Box” not all

The recently accessible safehouse north-east of Broskulla has not, it seems to me.

Some storages are tucked in hard to see. Kinda like how the bike :bike: station is hiding in at some safe houses. Like @Zesiir said, if it’s not there give them devs a heads up.

any safehouse that is a structure should have the plundra, camp sites etc do not, as a general trend

There doesn’t seem to be one at Vassalan Bunker as far as I can see, even after having switched power off/on again. Though its a huge place so I may have missed it.