Police markings on military cars

I’ve noticed that police markings have appeared on the hood of military cars. I don’t belive it’s on purpose, since blue writings on a green surface are not very visible.

Police markings on military cars = Military Police.

Usually, the lettering is white on green military vehicles, for better readability, like you said. And while most military police vehicles have the lettering of “military police” or “MP” on them, having only “polis” or “police” lettering is also normal.

So, the error with them is the lettering color, rather than the lettering itself. :slight_smile:

Do you thing this may be some sort of loading error like my experience with the Apco harvester awhile back?

I don’t think that’s intentional, Swedish military police cars would not be labelled like that. It’s probably just a design oversight, so I think it’s a valid bug report.

Asked the same question in the dev stream today and Pontus replied that the white color would stand out too much and it wouldn’t be that pretty. :smile:

At 00:43:36, link: Twitch

That whould be; Militärpolis instead of Polis

Thank Swe111 i was about to post the exact same answer :smiley: But i have to give Dev though the sense of detail to even add Military Police in the universe^^

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Just to show you here is a modern swedish military car

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Awesome Pic! Yes that what i meant too you can see that it’s writted “Militärpolis” or even sometime just “MP” but may because i do not speak swedish but i found pretty hard find reference picture matching with GZ Timeline to give a proper example like you did^^

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Your’e welcome m8 :slight_smile:

For those who are intressed; This is when sweden was in a NATO exersise, the soldier with the green beret is Swedish and the other one is Norwegian

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Always a pleasure have your knowledge Swe111^^ I think that shocked me at first as well back at when the game came out to see volvo of MP with such markings, But since i only seen during my service french,british,american,german MP vehicle i didn’t really paid attention.

With that said that just a texture issue and can be easy doable to retexture it even for modder,I got previous experience with modding so i think Dev can if they want correct this little error without much work and issue :slight_smile:

here is the image again
it was deleted because of the fact that was a hotlink

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