POLL: Do you play with a mouse and keyboard, or with a gamepad?

  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Gamepad
  • Not sure yet

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Why there is a “Not sure yet” option even there? People don’t recognize a gamepad from MK?

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:laughing: Good joke, for real.

I quickly added it after posting the poll with only two possible answers.

I wanted people like me who still aren’t sure because they don’t like the gamepad right now, or for any reason. Maybe you and I could find a better wording for the third option, but I’m afraid it could reset the poll. :thinking::sweat_smile: I think it’s OK, but a bit funny, yep.

I wonder whether Systemic Reaction know what input device we are actively using when playing the game. :thinking: I hope they do, especially with the current controversy about the reworked controls…

I reinstalled the game this morning and I’ll try playing without a controller. (@xMstSpider, which is why I needed a third option myself :sweat_smile:.)

Not that I’m sure that I would like to try it, but is there even an option to use mouse and keyboard when you are playing GZ on Xbox or PS?

I highly doubt that, and I hope devs won’t spend resource to implement it (because it is doable).

I think everyone here know how I wish they would spend their resources now. :laughing:

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I switched to mouse and keyboard after experimenting a bit, but I plan to go back to gamepad once controls are finalized… Unless I get hooked to mouse and keyboard. :sweat_smile:

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Shit! Did I just open the gates to hell? My bad!

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@ObligatedRug050, you play on Xbox, is that right? With the Game Pass or with a bought version?

I’m playing on the bought version on Xbox!

OK. I asked to specify because the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives access to both PC and Xbox versions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think we should have split the megathread between consoles and PC. :sweat_smile: