Poll: Move the resistance bandana to the "neck" slot

Who else would like to see the Resistance Bandana moved to the “neck” slot. In its current placement on the “eyes” it really limits unique looks. Moving it to the “neck” slot would give you options to add eye wear and still wear ear rings or the experimental ear piece. This should be a small ask and easily changed with little issue.

  • leave as is
  • move to "neck " slot
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I think the reason the “Resistance Bandana” is in the “Eye Wear” Slot
is because of the “Easter Scarf” is worn around the neck is in the “Neck” Slot


The Scarf is from the Tubular Vanity Pack
which is Free on Steam, Playstation & Xbox/MS Store
But you’ll have to activate it to get the Free cosmetics

I currently wear the easter scarf but would gladly ditch it to wear the resistance one if moved to the “neck” slot so I can throw on some glasses and keep my experimental earpiece. just my opinion. I have seen others mention it before so I figured why not ask. worst case is it is ignored or they say no :slightly_smiling_face:

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