POLL: What Paid DLC do you own?

What Paid DLC do you own?
  • Schweet Vanity Pack
  • Alpine Unrest
  • FNIX Rising
  • US Weapons Pack
  • Soviet Weapons Pack
  • Base Defense Pack

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You know there are two or three vanity packs, right? The one I listed is currently a paid DLC. You got it for free?

Diring the winter sale in 2020, the Schweet Vanity pack was free for a limited time on all platforms.

Nevermind, delete your response, il delete mine.

It doesn’t really matter just for one vanity dlc. :sweat_smile:

I’ve bought everything because it’s cheap and I want to support the devs.


I bought every DLC this most recent sale. Still a noob so haven’t experienced FNIX or Alpine, but the Weapon DLC’s rock!


PC: Everything except the Base Defence Pack.

Xbox: Everything except the Vanity Pack and Base Defence Pack.


This graph shows that above everything else what everyone really Wants is a NEW island as DLC and new missions :wink:

PS: devs take notes :wink: :writing_hand:

A graph can show a lot of things depending on who is interpreting it though… :sweat_smile:

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30 votes is really not a large enough sample to get a reliable result. But it’s fun to see.

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It’s precisely how they do political polls though, for what that’s worth. :laughing:

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I think the samples are bigger then 30. More like 2000.

But for tths game most people would buy at least the DLCs that have missions, some lesser number would also buy weapon packs DLCs, and even lesser number of people would buy all DLCs.

For polls I do not really like Pie Charts. I rather see what my fellow members have chosen.

Indeed. That being said, 2000 hardly represents a population of tens/hundreds of millions, so I feel that it’s a fair comparison. :smiley:

If you look at it that way, then I agree.

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