Possibility to create coop game with shared campaign progress and XP

Everything is in the title, i have seen many ppl complaining about this, me and my friend want to finish the game together, we started to play together, but im getting double xp, it kinda suck, where about to quit like many other have done…

It once was like that, but with introduction of the new game + (the 4 worlds) it doesn’t work anymore.

I’m just guessing, but I think it’s because the game doesn’t know where to save the clients progress to. There is still no selection of a safegame, when you join a coop game.

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Partially I must contradict myself.
My mate and me wanted to make the apple murder mission again in his game, to test the other option at the end.
But it didn’t work. We did exact the same things we did in my game, but the mission didn’t start. There just was the final letter, but no murder and the barn was closed.

So somehow it must have saved this mission for him.

I played both choices, by saving the game-save before starting the mission, and restoring it after I played the first choice.