Possibility to play without making story progress. Multiple save files

I am playing through the story with a friend but sometimes I would like to just jump on my own into a matchmaking multiplayer session and shoot some robots without affecting the progress of my story, and I found out that if I do that every safehouse I unlock in multiplayer is now unlocked in my story too, ruining the continuity of my game. Could we disable story progress? Or have separate save files?

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Many players would like to have the option for separate worlds for characters. Until then, you should be relatively safe if you play as client (vs. host) in a world with more story progress (yours should not progress). Not 100% sure whether that helps with safe houses.

Other people start juggling with different save files (back up and replace).

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Yeah apparently my story doesnt change but the safehouses DO get unlocked. So now if I want to spawn in the island Himfjäll I can do it, even though I never actually took the boat there. Isnt that a bug? Or a feature by design

It is weird at any rate. If you have discovered more safe houses than your buddy, you will have to unlock them again in his game world. I cannot see a reason why the other way of transfer should work then.

There are more weird things in game, but I agree.
To start over I always had to make a new save.
It’s a bit tedious, this way…