Possible combat XP issue when escaped combat during combat

This has kept me wondering some quite time now, noticed this behavior over year ago, before russian machines where in the game. Frequency of this happening was low.
Now in combat where are multiple factions in combat i will receive lot more escaped combat XP notifications in middle of fight, even i am in full combat with machines.
Frequency of this is definetelly higher. Stealth equiped players might get this more often, depending how combat status is defined by the game. If machines lost track of you easier, and receive more ofthen escaped combat notifications.

Question is: Is escaped combat XP reduced amount to compared won combat? If XP amount is reduces, how many % it is from full XP.

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It’s a very interesting question, and one I’d like to know as well. Sadly I’ll miss the stream for today, but you could try asking it there.

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I think “entered combat” doesn’t check if the player entered combat, but if a machine entered combat.

If you now get close to a battle between soviets and fnix, but don’t take part, both factions check if they entered combat. That’s true in this case.

If a soviet machine escapes combat, you will get this message too, because fnix isn’t in combat anymore.

Additionally, if the status changed to “in combat” they will attack every target, the player too, even if you’re not taking part and just try to hide and watch.


Could you take a look at this? Do you understand what I mean? I guess the friend or foe / combat system got confused by adding the soviet faction.

Got pretty good example here. Combat against single faction FNIX. I do not have any stealth skill, or stealth modified clothing on character.

1 FNIX hunter Apocalypse class machine, and deployed ticks before dying.
And as from pictures you can see.
Killing 2x FNIX Ticks yields 226 XP (113 XP each).
Killing 1x FNIX Tick yield 286 XP.

So you roughly get 40% XP from kill, instead of full 100% when you won combat.

And in bigger fights, where you might get 1k-4k XP, game goes nope. You escaped combat and gives you 60% XP penalty.
It will get even more complex and extremely hard to prove in bigger fights, without having access to any sort of developer data how many and what type of machines you have killed.

This last picture is fight against 7 FNIX Hunter Apocalypse class units. ±2 units accuracy. And got escaped combat notification when last of them jumped of from pier to water, and suicided itself. If i got only 40% XP from that fight, i have lost quite big chunk of it.

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To add this topic. Russian firebirds behavior in combat is also very irratic. You engage the firebirds, you get its attention and it attacks player.
But then they can suddenly out of blue, fly a way. And attack FNIX machines 2x the distance you get attacked by the firebirds or any machine.

That’s actually pretty cool. It’s something I was hoping for would be added to all machines - threat assessment. Basically a FNIX machine (or multiple machines in most cases) is a bigger threat than a teenager with a gun.

Other machines tend to choose one target and stay on it no matter what.

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I play the game on Xbox one X. before the dark skies update, the combat detection was pretty “wonky” in the sense that sometimes it didn’t accurately detect if i was in combat, and I’ve always felt like the Soviet machines detect me without line of sight. after the dark skies update, when completing a battle, I seem to get the “escaped combat”, “won combat”, and “entered combat” statuses all popping up in relatively quick succession, with the first 2 statuses both reporting identical XP gains (though I’m not sure if the XP is indeed being duplicated). it seems like an attempt was made to improve the situation in the dark skies update, but it still needs a little work.


Moved to report thread covering the issue.


respectfully Zesiir, what i reported is not the same thing, and now will see no traction due to being merged into another topic that is only loosely related.

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What i see, there is 3 parts in the combat system. It is very wonky and they all relate each other.

  1. Combat detection. You can enter, escape, won combat suddenly.
  2. Machine threat detection ranges are irratic.
  3. Xp issues which are calculated by destroyed machines and have player escaped, won or failed combat.

please edit that into the original post

Seeing as the issues are related I don’t think there’s any worry about it not being looked into.
I wouldn’t have merged the topics otherwise.

That assigment destroy 7 FNIX bases. This week Tuesday it was in rotation again, got 2/7. It is quite job to get them spawn. That got me thinking this old XP issue.

So if this suddenly espaced combat reduces your XP received, does it also affect threat points how much is contributed to region score?

If this is the case, problem and majority of this bug increaded quite alot. Now it hinders normal game play mechanics.

Made some testing and figured out that 25% XP is transfered to region threat points.

Killed 1 runner 40XP , 1 harvaster machine 320XP. First gave excatly 10 threat points, and second 80 threat points.

So this is bad, this has real consiquences on game play. You loose 60% XP because of escaped combat, and that reduced amount is then gives 25% of threat points. That is huge lose of threat points, in means of game play mechanics and how threat level rises on regions.

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we get 7 bases in a 24 hour period :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: however, we only get 1 anonymous signal mission in a week, shouldn’t that be flipped around lol