Possible DLC & character classes

I’d love to see a DLC with new character classes. I’m sure this was discussed but I’ll throw it out again.

Spetsnaz - bonuses w/ Russian weapons, supply air drops, special- crazy Ivan or Ivan the terrible: can fight on for a limited time when at 0 health

Swedish SF - bonuses to Sweden made weapons, special - naval bombardment (1 a day?)

Anachist - bonuses to finding supplies, IED build at crafting stations, throw gas cans rigged w/flares, sticky bombs, nail bombs, molotov cocktails, etc

Police officer - handgun bonuses, cool police uniform, body armor, special- duel pistols

Trophy hunter - rifle & shotgun bonuses, defense bonuses in forests, camo bonus, special - like the back of my hand - climb trees? Just anything really because this is their hunting ground

Escaped inmate - increased stamina, health & strength, green or gray weapon bonuses, special - use the crafting station to make still to make potions to ignore damage, health potions, speed, etc

Robotic engineer - repair the bots w/ varying degree of skill, special - tank reconstruction (you need many fuel cells and parts)


Can’t you just roleplay this yourself?

In terms of the original story of the game and way you start out, it hardly makes sense to me.

But that is just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

I can make a psuedo build, but you dont get the bonuses that I specified.

It would be nice to see a support drop from a plane or something

The robot or the Stridsvagn?

Support Drop from a plane? If GZ were IRL & I saw a plane fly by the last thing I would want would be a special weapon or med kit. I would want to get the F$#K off the island. I would be Tom Hanks in Castaway, Collecting flares, fireworks, making SOS signs all over the place. If I saw a plane I would throw all my flares and head to the runway.

I like some of your ideas though, the prisoner one, buff to gray and green weapons. So I would lock in skill points to use the broken weapons instead of my pink ones? I just don’t understand your thought process. It’s interesting but doesn’t make sense.

Also how would you climb trees? Would there be an animation or would you teleport? Would you hang onto the trunk or off a branch? Do you think the machines wouldn’t be able to look up? Maybe you’re new to the game but check out their optics, they can see through walls, they also have night vision and infared, like the Predator.

The SF units are sent in all the time to do stuff. We know the Reds are interested in what’s going on. They helped with a few of the missions in the game, so it would be organic. I can see the reds wanting to know more about what’s going on. They could air drop a SF team in, you are lone survivor.

Air drops would be easy. Certain time of day or location toss 2 flares and you hear a plane and it drops gear.

I couldn’t think of a final skill for the trophy hunter. I’m sure a decent dev team could develop a better idea

Escaped prisoner idea comes from the fact most are very creative with improvised weapons. There was one prisoner in America who constructed a rifle out of common parts. Many know how to more with less.

IMHO you’re just trying to shoehorn stuff into a game that does not really need it nor fits it.
But again… I M H O.