Possible features/mechanics to consider

Hey guys I really love this game- and i gotta give props to the dev team for caring enough to keep improving and adding new things such as weapon packs and new features- thanks a mil it does make a difference!

first let me say that I understand RPG mechanics when it comes to destroying robots- I understand that it’s a percentage game of reducing the health of the robot to zero to destroy it- ok? I get that… but wouldn’t it be nice if blowing up the fuel tank actually mattered, and it made the robot ‘dead in the water’? so far it doesn’t matter- it just contributes to the overall death of the robot.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great you can shoot off the weapons… and other components- but some of the more critical ones doesn’t seem to phase the robots or tanks… like fuel tank- (the thing should run out of fuel! but it doesn’t) and it seems if i blast away the optics components - the robot still knows where I am.

Also- why is it when we shoot one of the legs to the point of oblivion the damn tank doesn’t run in a circle… unable to use that leg normally? Also- it would be really cool if these robots would actually fall down from time to time… I’ve seen tanks at the edge of a small cliff and you would think they should topple over… but no- some how manage to stay upright.

like I said, i get the rpg-logic of reducing the health by chunks until it’s dead- but as far as immersion - i would be nice for crucially placed shots to make a difference- such as crippling the robots drive system… or making it run out of juice by getting rid of it’s fuel supply. or even blinding it by destroying the optics and/or targeting systems…

Oh wait- what about the flying Soviet robots? if I blast away over 50% of the robots engines- the damn thing should be sinking… there’s no way it could keep in the air if you reduce it’s ability to stay in the air…

Also it seems that the rockets in this game are strangely underpowered for the type of damage they’re meant to deliver. I get that the robots are strong- but come on… it shouldn’t take 16 well placed rpg rockets to weaken a tank… even with the explosives expert perk maxed the explosives seem underwhelming. I’ve had more luck blasting ground near the robots than hitting them direct. Like the hunters- they shouldn’t be able to take too many direct hits from a powerful explosion like that. you would think the percussion forces of the blast would wreck their components- but no… they keep shooting.

sorry if this was sent to the wrong spot- i’ve been enjoying the new updates and I am trying to get enough soviet data thingys to summon the new flying boss… hopefully get the new experimental rifle…
cheers and thanks for being such a good dev team–

I also think this would be a cool addition, like destroying a knee or thruster would result in slower movement speed for Tanks or a decreased altitude cap for Firebirds. Thus making the player want to prioritize shooting weak points, especially against difficult machines.

As for the fuel, I don’t think It would be grand to just walk up and eliminate a tank in one shot, they also run off batteries too as well. Perhaps this would force them to conserve energy after damage however. Another thing that may already in the game, is the destruction of ventilation ducts causing large machines to “breathe” or take time to dissipate heat due to heavy processing.

I’m pretty sure that this has been already implemented, but the destruction of optics would result in lowered machine awareness or blindness. The destruction of floodlights on tanks should also cause the light to cease functioning rather than going white.

The destroying of core drives could cause also them to frenzy or to function on a lower level too.
If this route is considered then the way the game is played will dramatically shift, which could be in the wrong direction however, so it will likely be limited or be only implemented in later versions.
Either way the Devs. take this is okay, they have a lot to consider when working on this scale after all.

Considering Tanks are Tough, i agree that at least we should be able to make them blind and to at least prevent them from running when we damage certain components.
But if we think about the other machines, they would be even more weak if they would be as vulnerable as you ask for, the game would be even more easy and thus…boring.

About the rockets, you are right…BUT…there is kind of a FIX, if you use the Gold augmentation Titan toppler with the RLG and the M/49 the damage is improved, not that much, but enough to the point that you can notice the difference from before and after.

Take as a warning, that although some augmentations improve the weapons, there are bugs when they or even the weapons vanish.

These are great ideas and I’m sure it’s not the first time they are brought up.

I just think that, if it would be

  1. possible and
  2. not imbalanced,
    the devs would already have implemented it.

Would be cool, but it could also easily be “abused” to be an overpowered tactics If you could disable a machine like that. So it would have to be balanced good.

Regarding the optics:
That’s already in the game. Theoretically.
I don’t know for sure if it works as everyone would expect. Here is what the wiki says.

The optical systems of a Tank are difficult to destroy. Blinding the Tank should instead be done with radioactive ammunition or distraction items like fireworks. Nevertheless, should one decide to completely disable a Tank’s optics, it will become blind and deaf to the point it will slowly calm down as if there are no threats nearby. After this point, it will never reenter the combat state unless it is touched, but it will hesitate to attack because it cannot target anything; thus, incentivizing it to calm down again
Tank | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom.

I agree it’s probably not the first time this has been brought up, and would be unbalanced severely if abused as you say.
As for the optics, I’m not sure, the machines are tricky and I haven’t tried a Tank in a while, only wolves
(will test now, brb)

back, optics don’t function as expected, ie: busted.

optics destroyed, also unreadable on tech scope

still detected

I could swear it’s not the optics.
The optics are in the eye.

Seems that I was wrong.
Mmh, that’s what the wiki says:

Attached to the top between each weapons on the weapon array beneath the body is the tank’s visual sensors (indicated by one large light and six smaller lights), destroying it can blind the Tank

will try that then, also has it listed as floodlight in the tech view so idk

still very much so hostile and target locked on me

I agree it shouldn’t be too easy and thus… boring, but it also shouldn’t take 20+ RPG shots and all 15k of your 7.62 machine gun ammo just to weaken one rank 4 rival Apoc tank… and thanks for reminding me of the weapon augmentations - I hadn’t tried the titan toppler as yet.

nice test runs! I find that I end up knocking off the weapons first before i smash the optics systems… lol. I also wanted to mention that the tech view has shown me the optics in the damage percentage readouts even though it doesn’t look highlighted… Lately i’ve noticed that the tanks weapons weren’t showing up as things highlighted by the tech-view - but however- when i moved the view around the weapons area it would show the damage percentages… maybe that was the result of the this skyfire update because it showed it before… idk…