Possible incorrect spawning location for enemies

I’ve noticed while playing in the Marshlands region that Prototype Tanks and very rarely hunters seem to spawn there, despite it being very far from prototype spawn regions like the Archipelago or Farmlands.

((I don’t have any photos at the moment, but I’ll get some this afternoon

They are usually guarding a relay beacon. That’s completely normal.

Only issue was there were no Relay beacons, I got those a long time ago lol
It’s just weird to see prototype machines in a lategame area

Relay beacons can respawn, if you play MP.

Ad as 0L0 said, it’s normal that Marshlands have proto machines around relay beacons. Most relay beacon guards are actually prototype class. There are few military class guards as well, while on Himfjäll, the guards are either FNIX or apo class.