Possible region revamps

Have ideas for any region needing a revamp?, tell me what you think…

What do you think? When starting a discussion thread it’s a good idea to initialize the topic with your own ideas rather than just say “talk about this”.


I plan to discuss possible changes in the forest region or marshlands region as both could have potential. Like a beachhead for the Russians in the marshlands region or a more destroyed Ostervik in the forest region. Please tell me what should go into these regions?.

I feel like there should be an origin or LZ for the Russians so it doesn’t seem like they spawned out of air but at least add somewhere on the map where a beach landing happened because most of the bridge to the mainland was destroyed and there is no way they crossed a bridge to arrive on Ostertorn. Really a good question to ask.

Welcome to the forum🥴 I think that maybe was missed !

About a Beachhead…

I guess it might be more like a rapid deployment force brought in by helicopters or maybe paratroops and the region of Boo was more like a dropzone, no?

My 2 ct.

The old map style (current Forest, Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast) have a good, but eerie feel since everything is just abandoned. I like this setting.
New map style (current Archipelago, Farmlands, South Coast) have death and destruction all over the map. Personally, i don’t like it.

For a balance, mixture of two would suffice. E.g like Himfjäll currently is. From another topic:

Paradrop? :thinking:

Paradrop is highly possible and also most plausible way how Soviets (not Russians) got to Östertörn. All we see are personnel and supply crates, which are easily to be dropped from high altitude above Östertörn, e.g: in the middle of the night.

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Please don’t. Make a new island, but leave current ones as is

Exactly my thoughts, I liked and like the intact but abandoned setting way more than the devastated one and I’d really like to see the other areas stay untouched, at least mostly. One destroyed Farmhouse here an there would be Ok but not that endlife scenario like in the mid of the farmlands.

Maybe, too, because I’m more of a “house-fighter”, shooting machines from within houses and churches and those wrecked surroundings take away my cover.

On a sidenote: if it had been like this in the beginning, I guess it would have ruined a good part of my game experience for me.

Same here.

With region revamps, many buildings, even key buildings have been completely wiped.
For example:

In Salthman, one house had a really good overlook to a nearby field (during The Home Team mission) and it provided the only spot where to snipe the machines:

Now, this is only left:

What a disappointment. :disappointed:

Another disappointment is the complete wipe of Äso (former South Coast, current Farmlands). It used to be very pretty small town/village but now, only smoldering wrecks remain. Oh, it was also invaded by military personnel, who lie scattered around. Nothing pretty there, anymore. :disappointed:

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Personally, as one who has played GZ since release, I hope that they manage to keep a certain amount og that eerie feeling of abandonment that the game originally had. Some players started complaining that the world felt too empty, and I somewhat agree, even though I liked the original atmosphere of “where the hell is everybody?”

That being said, I like the new revamps we’ve gotten so far.

Archipelago revamps are superb! We got a much more detailed environment, but still it kept the original feel to it.

South Coast revamps with FNIX structures look great, and must feel intimidating for a new player venturing a little too far, I imagine. My only hope for this region is that we somehow get a little bit of lore to explain all that’s going on around here.

The Farmlands have literally been torn a new one! I like that we got a real warzone, at least one place in the game. The trenches and destruction look very good.

As for what’s coming next, I hope they go for adding more details rather than making huge changes. Some changes and destruction are ok, like adding small war scenes in places where it makes sense for the military to build defenses.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot of cool stuff soon.
I wonder if we’ll see any revamps in the april update? :slightly_smiling_face:

That does seem correct, I have seen videos of Soviet paratroopers doing training so it definitely is paratroopers in and around Boo.:thinking:

I think a new island would be a great addition, maybe with a new class of machine, there’s empty island with an airstrip, I would love to see that opened and new area to explore :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wonder if that small airport is a civilian airfield, because surely they had commercial planes in Sweden around 1989. We’ll just have to wait until something happens in the future.:sweden:

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But it looks to be to smal for commercial airplanes, maybe for helicopters but not for like a boeing

Small, civilian airfields are a common sight in Sweden, so it makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

I meant like an airfield with helicopters and small Cessna 147’s. Sorry for misuse of words.

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I also hope they add a half sunken ship off the coast because of the emergency radio transmission from the ship, HMS Visborg in the mission: “Spiking the Guns”. I thought you would be able to see the flaming wreck near Fort Torsberga, but I saw nothing.

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it whould probably be under water now, it have been many months from the machine attack so i dont think it whould be able to stay afloat under all of that time.
Btw here is HMS Visborg