Post patch 1.03 crash encountered

Game crashed at the end result of:

Inside building, attempted to Hack a mid-high tier Scout, near point blank range, through a default door crack.

Hey Val76 guess you were just that great at hacking! Please ensure you fill out the bug report using the correct format so that the issue can be corrected and see if it can be reproduced.

Platform: PS4 Pro

Description: Non-mission related, Forest Zone, Inside 3 Room building (last one usually has bunks), usual suspects Mid-high tier Scouts and Runners

Steps To Reproduce: Try your SUPER hacking Specialization: stack 2 scouts 1 in front of the door, 1 right in back of it. Door has to be cracked, not open and obviously not closed. Try to hack the Scout in front of the door crack.

Images / Videos: none just reproduced by memory

Host or Client: pure solo gameplay

Players in your game: just me

Specifications: PS4 Pro