Potable Homing Turret hits nothing, ever

I have used the Portable Homing Turret on four occasions - it has yet to hit a target of any description. All the rockets fire and swirl round in circles and never explode, even on the ground. I dumped on in the middle of a battle round the Beacon back of the Church in Boo, complete with Soviet Flyer. It hit nothing.

Is this a known issue? I have done a search here, but can find nothing on it.

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I already heard about those reports, but never experienced them… Or at least never noticed it in the heat of a battle.

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@Bootie, are you on PC or Console?

They work fine in my game. But it does indeed happen sometimes that they don’t seem to have a good target-lock and miss the target with one rocket, or swirl into the ground close by. But I never had them hit nothing out of the maximum of 9 launches of 3 rockets per launch. Hitting nothing with 27 rockets that would be very bad.

I am on PC and have at least used 100+ of them and they worked most of the time correct.

(In the lifetime of the turret, when there are enough enemies around, it can launch 9x3 rockets, before it despawns)

Hi Gys. I saw these things in use while playing multi-player with my old save. They trashed everything in sight so I thought, “I’ll have some of that!” and broke into my piggy bank.

So I put two of them down when surrounded by Hunters (10 or 12) at the trench system and wondered why I wasn’t hearing any explosions, looked round as I was dying (brand new game/character) and they were swirling around hitting nothing. They didn’t even hit the ground. So having made my customary new-boy mission to Klinte to pick up the AL47, I went over to Boo and stuck a couple down in the middle of a Soviet/FNIX slap-fight out the back of the church. Likewise, they swirled around and hit nothing on either side, especially not the flying machine I was having trouble with.

I’ve always been on PC, and mostly never had problems, even in the early days. Multi-player crashes nearly every time, but I don’t do that much.

I haven’t got through my initial five yet, so do you craft them, or find them?

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I haven’t found any so i guess that’s not how to get them. I craft them.

10 Aluminium
50 Explosive
50 Iron

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they won’t fit in the backpacks or the ammo crates, there to big lol

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My exact problem with them. They never explode when they do hit something (like the ground or a wall); instead they stick to it and just continue to thrust away creating noise and smoke, or when they don’t hit anything they just continuously circle the target making noise and smoke flying around them. Very irritating! Never worked even once for me. I don’t even bother with them. They weight too much for zero result.

With the new update the accuracy of the homing turret will be fixed, Carni said in the last stream. The rockets can turn more quickly, which should lead to better accuracy and more hits.

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More accuracy…? Sure that’s great and all, but what they need to do is explode. Even when they hit objects (including machines) they never explode!

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Let’s wait a couple more days to see what the update has changed in that regard. Hopefully it will be fixed for you.


YES! It finally works!


Mine does too - it finally hit something. Didn’t stop me and Bucket both dying, but I might carry a couple from now on…


Still not working here in October - have we had any recent mentions that I’ve missed?

Had a player in co-op deploy the remote turrets last night and they were working for the most part.

But all the weapons seemed to have been nerfed or the machines have been buffed. Was playing on skirmish but destroying the machines was like on guerrilla and just ammo sponges. A firebird had taken so much ammo and everything was damaged on it including 3 jets and still flying. runners that were taking 4 or 5 hits in weak points to destroy and so on.

I might have noticed that a bit. Normally my 5* AI76 will take out an Apoco Hunter in one mag and I’ve noticed recently that I have to change mags to kill it, except at extreme close range. That may not be a bad thing, I think you should have to do a withdrawal in contact when faced with a pack of Hunters, otherwise, where’s the fun? But I haven’t noticed it across the board. These turrets are just not working right and I want to make certain that the DEVs know that it hasn’t been fixed - they are too expensive and too heavy not to work… Oh, and I paid for them!